Who is Giampaolo Floris

Who is Giampaolo Floris- founder of Endhairloss.eu
The founder of Endhairloss.eu and Finedellacalvizie.it

Hey, it Giampaolo Floris the creator of the Endhairloss. eu Full Program

I am the one that writes the posts in this blog, and together with my team, I give consultance regarding the anti baldness program that we deliver.

I started to lose hair when I was still a teenager, and my independent studies on micro blood circulation, human anatomy, the relation between enzymes and the formation of the male hormone DHT, enabled me to stop my hair loss permanently in the early nineties.

I must admit that I was really depressed when I was losing hair, and when I finally stopped my receding hairline, I felt such a release that I naturally decided that I was gonna help other people achieve the same results I did, with the very same method.

I was born in a village in the center of a beautiful island in the Mediterranea sea, called Sardegna, and there I lived until age 26.

In 1998 I moved to Copenhagen – Denmark, where I live at the moment, but in the last years I lived also in Tampa, Florida.

Besides helping people fight baldness with Endhairloss.eu, I also run an Italian web site called Finedellacalvizie.it, and it is quite successful I must admit, both in term of testimonials that I receive, and in terms of general traffic.

A curiosity about myself: I love foreign languages, and in 2009 I recorded 10 videos in 10 different languages where I presented the program to cure hair fall.

Here you have the playlist with all the 10 languages:

If you want to connect with me, this is my personal Giampaolo Floris facebook account:

and gplus: https://plus.google.com/+GiampaoloFloris/posts

It is totally true that I stopped the thinning of my hair when I was in my early 20ties, and it was androgenetic alopecia, because my father went bald himself when he was pretty young.

Both my grandfathers were bald, and even one of my grandmothers had lost lots of hair.

So you see, just because in your family there is a story of alopecia, it doesn’t mean that you must necessarily go bald.

Just go to www.endhairloss.eu, subscribe and watch our presentation video program: you will understand a lot about hair loss, and how you can have the same benefits that I and countless other people had with the Full Program.

Love, Giampaolo Floris