Top 5 Hair Loss Treatments

what are the top 5 hair loss treatments?
Learn in this article the top 5 hair loss treatments.

In this post you will learn about the top 5 hair loss treatments available today.

#1  Propecia (finasteride)

Propecia (finasteride) is, and has known for the last years, the only “FDA approved” treatments for hair thinning, together with Minoxidil.

Propecia was approved in the late nineties, and is a 1 mg version of the 5 mg drug to treat prostate, Proscar which came out in the early nineties.

Since its arrival there has been much misconception about its efficacy and side effects, ranging from permanently destroying your libido and sexual functions to even grow a female breast, easy to take pill that is a (permanent ?) cure for baldness.

It has been found that the most of the studies conducted assessing its safety and efficacy have been sponsored by the industry itself.

Propecia works by blocking the formation of an important hormone called DHT, and in many cases it does stop hair loss: the problem is that this hormone is needed for many important body functions, and also as soon as one stop taking he drug, hair loss begins.

So it is not a permanent solution, unfortunately.

#2 Rogaine or Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a product that widens blood vessels and increases the flow of blood in the upper part of the scalp.

By enlarging the blood vessels and opening the channels of potassium, it allows more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the hair follicles.

This stimulates hair growth and tends to stop hair loss.


  • It works only where applied, and this means that’s since it’s a topical, its internal effects are minimal.
  • It’s safer than propecia.
  • Doesn’t interfere with the hormones.


  • As soon as you stop taking it, your hair starts falling out again
  • It only slows down the hair loss process, doesn’t really stop it.
  • Has some bad side effects like irritation of the eye and of the treated area, as well as unwanted hair growth in other parts of the body.

# 3 PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy.

PRP is a new emerging technology and technique used mostly sports medicine. Lately it has been used also as a hair loss treatment.

This therapy begins with collection of about 30 milliliters of the patient’s blood.

This blood is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from all the other components of blood.

Doctors inject the concentrated platelets into the part of the body injured and they promote the natural body growth factors that are essential to repair injured tissues.

The growth factors that the platelets secrete stimulate tissue recovery, and can be used successfully to prevent and slow down hair loss too.

The only problem is that it doesn’t eliminate the basic causes of hair loss ( poor blood flow and  DHT) and even though it may slow down your hair thinning, it will not stop it completely.

#4 Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2)

A group of dermatologists from the University of Pennsylvania have found an enzyme, called prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), that they believe forces hair follicles to stop producing new hair.

In several men with hair loss, PGD2 levels were found to be 3 times superior in bald spots than in areas full of hair.

Some drugs are already available that reduce PGD2 levels, but again also in this case the problem is that the basic reasons that really trigger hair loss are not resolved by this treatment, and the resuts may be discontinue.

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  1. Hello bro floris!!!!since its been 4 months I had balded my hair as I used 2 go 2 da barber regularly after every 2 weeks.Even though after applying homoeopathic medicated shampoo then after washing I used 2 Apply Phytoscience Triple Stem Cell water based spray as well as at the same time I hd consumed Phytoscience Double Stem Cell 1-2 packets of sachet internally but no positive outcum has been so far achieved instead my baldness is getting bigger n bigger day by day.There was a tym in da recent past I had kept a very long hair lyk u but now ders nothing hair much left on my head on the upper head scalp n de crown part.Whatever i had seen n felt dat it was due 2 Chronic excessive white sticky bulb dandruff dat even on a slightest friction of my fingers or hand on my balded scalp triggers falling out off excessive dandruff just like a snow fall followed by severe itchiness on da scalp it’s hard 2 resist as I hv found dat the white bulby flakes attached 2 de end of my hair root in excessive no’s which is the utmost critical reason responsible for my baldness.I knew it may b chronic sebbarhoeic dermatitis if m not mistaken.Please do kindly suggest me with the most miracle effective permanent solution shampoo for eradicating dis Sebarhoeic dermatitis from my scalp permanently??????????????Please kindly do the needful

    1. Hello Sukdev!

      There is a powerful remedy against dandruff and

      an itchy scalp, done with apple cider vinegar.

      Follow my video tutorial here:

      Make sure to use an organic and unfiltered vinegar.

      You can buy it here:




      You dont necessarily need to leave it on all night long, if you

      dont have excessive dandruff, 1-2 hours may be enough.

      You wanna wash your hair right after.

  2. Hello Floris,

    Your method absolutely worked for me. The hair strand growth is obvious and this has been the best nominal investment that i’ve ever made in my life. I wanna thank you for making this happen.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello and thank you for your interest in our method. Our program main objective is to stop hair loss, and this is the first result you can obtain with its use. Once hair loss is stopped, our method can be used together with a hair regrowth product, in order to boost the regrowth. Our program alone unfortunately will not regrow a full head of hair, if you are completely bald.Send some pictures of your scalp here:, thanks!

  3. I’ve bought your program and I’m following it closely but I’m not able to understand the exact routine for performing the exercises. I need to get in touch with you ASAP

  4. Hello
    I’ve purchased your end hair loss full program but I don’t have “the official guide to the very best shampoos” ebook, How can I get it?

    Thank you ,

  5. hello sir! I have watched all four videos of yours and i am really impressed with the research work your team has done all these years. Some of the things that you have mentioned in those videos was something that i had never heard of. But there are a few things that i expected you to mention in your video but didn’t find it as it was important. So on the basis of that i want to ask some questions, as i am so curious about your work and i would be grateful if you share your views on it, which are as follows:
    1. So far what i got from your four videos you are claiming that your methods can curb hair fall COMPLETELY, i just wanted to know how do you define “completely”. Do you mean ZERO hair strands, or what is the range of hair strands you expect to be normal for a perfect person?
    2. You didn’t mention the three stages of hair growth are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases which is a world wide accepted principle on which our hair’s growth depends and which is totally natural which also says shedding of <150 hair strands is fine. I would like to know your perspective on that.
    3.According to those four videos, would that be right if i say that your methods will prevent the hair from transition from anagen phase to "catagen and telogen" phase(in which shedding is most likely to be seen), or in other words whether it will make sure of hairs to remain in anagen phase? How are your methods are going to make peace with this theory of hair growth cycle because what i got from the videos was literally "END OF HAIR LOSS"?
    I hope to hear from you soon, Thank you!

    1. Hello Rahul, thank you for your interest in our program. When I talk about end of hair loss, I dont mean that no hair will fall ever out anymore. I mean that when a hair is lost, a new hair pops out, by a healthy hair follicle. Hair strands dont live for ever, they have an average life of 3 to 6 years. During this time hair goes through the 3 stages (anagen,catagen and telogen). The purpose of our program is to maintain the hair strands in the anagen phase as long as possible, and a replacement of the dying hair with a new one. Contact us here at support for more questions: thanks!

  6. I have thinning hair on the top of my head. After watching your demo videos I started massaging my scalp with castor oil and coconut oil. I eat a lot of veggies, drink plenty of water, I have been taking biotin and iron for 4 months now and a spoonful of blackstrap molasses every day for 8 moths and unfortunately I get no results. ( I’m 43 now )

      1. I was thinking about it. I’m not sure I’ll see results after only 30 days.
        If I send you a photo of the top of my head will you tell me if it’s possible to cure that problem?

  7. Hi I have developed baldy patches all over my head. Doctor says it is critical alopecia and is not curable. I am in medication from last 2 years with no sign of improvement rather the patches are increasing. Please suggest

    1. Hello Raul

      thank you for your interest in our program.

      I checked your email address

      and it’s not registered in our records among
      the people who are watching the presentation videos
      of our natural program to stop hair loss.

      I strongly recommend you to watch our intro videos as they
      are packed with vital information about hair loss.

      Start going to and subscribe for
      the presentation videos (click the yellow button below the
      video and fill in the form).

      Once you start watching the presentation videos, you will
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