How to Prevent Female Hair Loss ?

Female pattern hair loss
Find how in this post how to defeat female pattern hair loss

Today, hair loss is not only a problem for men, but a good percentage of women experience it at well.

“Female pattern androgenic alopecia” more simply known as female hair loss, follows a completely different pattern from male hair loss and it is characterized by a profuse thinning of the hair, often concentrated on the top side of the head.

This generally begins after the age of 50, but recently, cases of women as young as 20 or 30 are reporting progressive hair loss.

The hair growth cycle is regulated by the hormones produced in our body, and their imbalance is one of the main causes we see hair loss.

Testosterone is secreted in both men and women, but in woman’s body, androgens are converted into the female hormone, estrogen and thats the reason for low androgens levels.

Hair loss in women is sometimes triggered by a large decrease in estrogen, or when there is an excessive amount of testosterone.

Chronic and constant levels of stress, even low levels, are bad for our bodies, causing adrenal glands to sustain prolonged amounts of stress.

They then begin to make greater amounts of stress related hormones     cortisol, and adrenaline which suppress DHEA, the main sex hormone.

This can trigger an increase in the conversion of Testosterone into DHT within the organs, and the hair follicles.

More DHT in the scalp leads to more sebum and smaller hair follicles.

It also contributes to poor blood circulation and a lack of nutritive elements that reach the capillary.

This is a big reason stress is a large factor in hair loss.

Don’t forget that it also strains the muscles in the head that contribute to the peripheral flow of blood.

The role of hormones in female pattern baldness

In females we can see that the hormonal imbalance can have a particularly devastating effect, because a lower DHEA secretion means lower feminine sex hormones.

The advantage is that women have hormones that act against androgens and continuously counterbalance their damaging effects.

This is why a lower DHEA secretion in a woman’s body is dangerous for the health of her hair.

Less female sex hormones, which are a derivative of DHEA, means that there is less protection against the aggressive androgen hormones like DHT.

Lower female hormone secretion means also an unbalanced sebum secretion, because the levels of the female hormones that protect the correct functioning of the sebaceous glands against the irritation that otherwise provoke the androgens, have dropped.

Imbalances in hormone levels are common during

  •   Puberty,
  •   Polycystic ovary syndrome,
  •   Pregnancy,
  •   Use of oral contraceptives,
  •   Menopause
  •   Natural low production of estrogens,
  •   Obesity and overweight.

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  1. I am a female and would like to know about you method for hair loss I used so many things but the middle come to the front not full grown its growing but thin an the back of my head is thick with hair I went to the dr so many times please tell what TO used

  2. I would like to know how to regrow my hair. I am a female and it is
    very very painful to look in the mirror and see that my hair won’t grow
    on the top of my head. Please help. Thank you.

    1. Hello Deloris, thank you for your interest in our program!
      Please keep following the presentation videos of our program, where
      I give many advices, and I teach different aspects related to about hair loss.
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      The fourth video will tell you how you can get it.
      In the meanwhile, make sure to use the data about shampoos
      and scalp conditions, contained in the third video.
      Best regards,
      Giampaolo Floris,

  3. To much hair fall ….eyebrows hair also fall…what can I do…lot of stress pls help

    1. Hello Jaspal, thank you for your interest in our program. If you are also losing hair in your eyebrows, I think the best thing is to visit a doctor because that may be the consequence of some sickness – we deal with hair loss on head – not eyebrows. For hair loss on head, please keep following the video presentation and then get the full program to stop hair loss (available after the fourth video).

  4. Am suffering from diffuse alopecia.. dermatologist suggest minoxidil 5% mintop I used it for one month n experience sudden increase in hair fall. I stopped using the solution but still the getting massive hair fall . Please help

  5. Need the suggestion on hair loss my dad has baldness and so do I it can be seen in me as a girl it’s very embarrassing and less confidence have tried everything every medicine. Pls reply

  6. Hello Sir,i m female nd not married,,,,,I am 26 year old .I am so upset because of my hair fall and baldness in front of my head.I have been used minoxidil 5 % for 4 month due to hair grow on my face and other part of my body. My hair are falling down last for the 10 year ,,,plzzzz give me a best solution I m thankful to u

    1. Hello Tanzilla, thank you for your interest in our site. We have something called “the endhairloss full program to stop hair loss naturally” that is a natural replacement of minoxidil (and it is very effective) Are you watching the presentation videos?

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