What’s the best daily hair care

What’s the best way to treat your hair and avoid hair loss

If you take good care of it, people will notice it, so once you realize it, you better do anything to do it properly, even though some time you may feel disappointed because of the way it looks.

It is therefore important to know what are the factors which affect your hair and hairstyle.

Many biologists state that the characteristics of our hair depend on different factors, some of which are inherited.

This means that it is our DNA programming is responsible for the way your hair looks, and I can tell you that it is 100% true that the secretion level of hormones can contribute to its looks.

Too much DHT, the hormone derived from testosterone, which shrinks the hair follicles, can irritate the sebaceous glands, and as a consequence too much oil can make your hair look dull.

If there is not enough sebum production, on the contrary, your hair will look dry and will break easily.

So you should learn how to regulate the DHT hormone secretion on your scalp, and you learn to do this in a natural way, in our hair loss solution (all natural) called the Endhairloss.eu Full Program.

Secondly, the whole environment such as air and water greatly affects your hairstyle, and many of us some time experience the bad hair day.

If you are willing to take a little care, you can say good-bye to such days, with our

Best tips on hair care:

  • Always brush your hair downwards;
  • Use a natural certified organic shampoo and conditioner for your right type of hair;
  • Do not put any hair styling products directly on your scalp, this will block the pores on your head and may contribute to hair loss;
  • Position your hair dryer on cool settings, too much heat is definitely not good for your hair. Also keep it moving: don’t focus on one single spot for too long;
  • If you can get a comb made of animal hairs, this would be delicate on your hair.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking, do exercise regularly and eat a well balanced diet with lots of green leafed veggies;
  • Make sure to avoid using styling products which contain alcohol in high concentration: this will dry out your hair.

This is pretty much the best daily hair care I can recommend you. Using oils on your hair, and herbs would also help a lot, and if you use the search function in this blog, writing the word ”oil”, you will find lots of posts where I, Giampaolo Floris, the founder of Endhairloss.eu, recommend different oil treatments, like sesame oil, Argan oil, emu oil, castor oil etc.

If you look up for the word “herbs”, you will be presented with a lot of posts where you can learn how to use the best herbs to achieve the best daily hair care for your strands.

You will also find the best 4 Chinese herbs used as a hair fall solution, so make sure to read on…

If you are experiencing a severe hair thinning all over your scalp, or a strongly receding hairline, then you should definitely join the Endhairloss.eu Full Program, where you will learn how to beat baldness in a 100% natural way.