The new anti-baldness (2014) pill that makes your hair grow again in 5 months: here is Columbia University ‘s discovery

A new specific cure against alopecia areata.

how to stop hair loss with the new anti-baldness pillAfter many years of research and studies in both cosmetic and medical fields, a new anti-baldness pill that can regrow your hair in just 5 months has finally come to USA.

The new cure for baldness has been approved by US drug regulator, the FDA: it ‘s a drug able to solve the plight of alopecia areata sufferers, a disease that affects both men and women and that causes total or partial hair loss.

Are you looking forward to find out what it is? Have you already booked a flight to USA?

Hair-Regeneration Method is one of the first to Stimulate New Human Hair Growth

These researchers have discovered a hair restoration method that can grow “from scratch” new human hair growth, rather than simply generate hair from the vertex, the frontal and the occipital areas of the scalp.

The medicine is called ruxolitinib and has only been tested on a small number of patients and its effectiveness has yet to be proven.

The discovery, which has been carried out by the Columbia University Medical Center, has revealed a therapy that was later published in the Nature Medicine journal and that represents a new cure for alopecia areata.

A new drug that not only stops hair loss, but promotes regrowth. But how effective is it? The results from ruxolitinib are simply astounding. I have seen patients that have been tested having the hair of their head completely regrown in just 4-5 months. Wonderful, isn’t it?

It’s expected that the drug will soon be available on the market after being tested on more patients to finally prove its effectiveness and especially after ensuring that the body can tolerate it well.

American experts, who have been studying a cure to stop baldness and all the psychological problems resulting from it for decades, have finally found the right medication for alopecia areata, which is a disease of immune-genetic origin.

In what way this new and innovative treatment against hair loss has been discovered?

Researchers have identified the wrong molecular signal that would send the bulb of the hair follicle to immune cells;later they identified the “crazy” immune cells that attack the follicle making it dormant and, as a result, momentarily inactive (thus causing baldness).

After processing these important considerations, the American experts have found a family of immunosuppressive drugs capable of blocking the attack on the hair bulb by “crazy” immune cells, allowing the hair to grow back normally.

What is alopecia areata ?

It is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the hair follicles of the skin and which appears with single or multiple ball-shaped bald patches especially in the temporal and occipital areas.

The alopecia areata, which affects 2% of the population, may affect the entire scalp, ie. “Total Alopecia Areata”, or the entire skin surface, ie. “Universal Alopecia Areata”.

Compared to the common androgenetic alopecia, which affects 80% of men and 50% of women, it is much less common and affects equally both women and men. It’s more likely to occur in young people and adults while it’s rare in people over 60 years of age.

But what are the causes of alopecia areata?

It is a disease with important genetic and autoimmune components and that is most prevalent in people who also have disorders related to the immune system (such as celiac disease, vitiligo, type I diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, allergies etc.), as well as being more active in conditions of stress, iron deficiency or malnutrition.

Finally people who have to deal with this disease and the psychological problems resulting from it will soon see a glimmer of hope in the innovative drug discovered by American experts, namely the ruxolitinib.