What can I do to stop losing hair

What can I do to stop losing hair
What can I do to stop losing hair? Find out in this post!

If your hair loss is excessive, you may consider as one of the first actions to visit a good dermatologist, who can check out your scalp, and tell you, as a first thing, if you have greasy or dry hair.

This is a very important point: once you know the real nature of your hair, you can choose the right shampoo for your type of hair, and this can already make a difference.

I recommend you to purchase a good, organic shampoo, free from aggressive ingredients: this type of product can help you a heap when you ask yourself the question “ what can I do to stop losing hair?”

Secondly, if you have excessive dandruff, use twice a week a shampoo called “Nizoral” which will kill the bacteria that cause the dandruff.

Once your scalp is free from irritations and dandruff, the best thing to do to stop the thinning of your hair is to try in every possible way to create a vasodilation of capillaries and blood vessels which bring the flow of blood inside the hair follicles.

Statistically, those who have hair loss problems, suffer from bad scalp blood circulation, 3 times more than those whose hair is healthy.

You can use Minoxidil or Regaine, which are vasodilators, or you can use the natural program to enlarge the blood vessels, called “The Endhairloss.eu Full Program to stop hair loss naturally”.

At the same time, you should get the production of DHT (a hormone derived from Testosterone which attacks the hair follicles) under control.

The natural program that I have just mentioned can help you so this, but if you are brave enough, you can try Propecia (which unfortunately has devastating side effects such as impotency and erectile dysfunctions).

These are the most important actions you should do, if in the last months you have been wondering how you can stop baldness, and none of the products you have used worked.