Wayne Rooney is getting a second hair transplant

Wayne Rooney is getting a second hair transplant
Wayne Rooney is getting a second hair transplant: read the details in this post.

The Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has undergone another hair transplant, to top up his hair line which has been reciding constantly.

The 27-year old soccer player visited for the second time the Harley Street Hair Clinic in London for the nine hour surgery.

The first transplant he got was successful, but hair kept on falling out and a second operation was necessary to take care of the looks of the footballer, and cover his new bald spots.

The hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak said that this second operation was necessary because he has continued to lose hair back on his head and the crown, giving him noticeable bald patches, and the only way to remedy fast this situation was getting another hair transplant.

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Mr. Rooney is anyway satisfied with the final result of this second Intervent, but as I said before, it would be much better to avoid such an incredible price just to have your hair back.

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