In this short post I will reveal the TOP 5 ORGANIC HAIR STYLING GELS AND WAXES, the ones we most recommend here at

These contain really good ingredients that, rather damaging your scalp, will actually help feed your hair and thus help you prevent baldness.

At position # 5 we have Natural Form Hair Wax, from Sante Naturkosmetik.

Natural Form Hair Wax, from Sante Naturkosmetik.

The main ingredients are of this awesome wax are

  • Beeswax,
  • Lanolin (wool wax),
  • Jojoba seed oil,
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Lecithin and
  • Coconut oil.

 At number #4, where we have Wicked Texture Styling Pomade, by Giovanni,

a pomade which contains a blend of exotic organic oils and other ingredients such as

Wicked Texture Styling Pomade, by Giovanni,

  • Rose Hips.
  • Nettle,
  • California Poppy Seed and
  • Rosemary.These oils are cold pressed and refrigerated right after, so to ensure maximum purity.


Lavender & Coconut Hair Conditioner & Styling CrèmeAt position #3 we have Lavender & Coconut Hair Conditioner & Styling Crème.

This certified Natural organic conditioning & styling by by Dr. Bronner Magic Soaps provides light styling hold and makes hair silky soft without any synthetic ingredients.

It contains:

  •  Organic jojoba,
  •  Organic coconut oil,
  •  Organic avocado oil, and
  •  Organic lavender oil.

 At # 2 we have is John Masters Organics – Hair Pomade, a certified organic product, made of a rich mix of

John Masters Organics - Hair Pomade

  •  Mango butter, which adds moisture and protects from environmental damage and heat from the tools you heat to style.
  •  Pure essential oils,
  •  Babassu oil,
  •  Organic jojoba and
  • Organic bee wax, a natural holding material, used in alternative to petroleum-based components.

The # 1 Hair Styling Product is the Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Styling Gel.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Styling GelThis plant-derived styling product (AWARD WINNING) natural hold and styling power you need, and protection from the effects of humidity.

Pro-vitamin B5 and nutrients keep your hair looking really nice, shiny and manageable through the day.

This product is

  • Paraben free, and PVP free,
  • It is petrochemical-free,
  • It washes out very easily,
  • It has a very flexible hold,
  • A fresh herbal lemon aroma and
  • An amazing flake-free formulation.

These features and ingredients, make it our first choice for a hair styling product.

If you’re using a bad, full of aggressive ingredients hair gel or wax every day, you’re coating your hair (and as a result your scalp) with chemical aggressive ingredients, and your hair will soon pay the consequences.

We recommend you to change your supermarket ordinary gel or wax for a high quality, nourishing product, such as the Max Green Alchemy (which also produces extremely good shampoos and conditioners) and your hair and scalp will instead be coated with organic components.

This is clearly much better for your hair, skin and follicles, and this will help you prevent excessive hair thinning.

Unfortunately, if you are suffering from baldness, using an organic gel, or wax will not be enough to stop the process, but there is hope for you with our natural program.

You can see 4 FREE VIDEOS of our program, visiting our home page and inserting your email info or simply subscribing using the form to the right.

TOP 5 ORGANIC HAIR STYLING GELS AND WAXES, these are the best products for your hair



  1. Hi, a couple of years ago, I did a hair transplant surgery
    I am still confused whether to purchase the max green alchemy or not, provided that it’s gel so my hair might be at stake.

    Advice whether this is compatible with ppl who had hair transplant and used it.

    1. The MGA are awesome products, and you should be safe with them, whether you use their shampoo or their gel..

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