Top 4 products to treat hair loss in 2014

Top 4 products to treat hair loss in 2014
Learn in this post about the top 4 products to treat hair loss in 2014

Let’s see which are the top 4 products to treat hair loss in 2014.

Are you suffering from a receding hair line or your hair is just falling out in clumps?

How traumatic hair loss can be for people of both sexes!

You are desperate to find a solution, but with so many different anti baldness products available, how do you know which product to actually go for?

How do you know if they will even work at all?

Well, at we have done extensive research on several products and natural remedies, in order to find the best solution or treatment for you.

We  will try to assist you with your decision.

The following top 4 products were found to be the most effective hair loss treatments, stopping the efficiently hair loss in men and women.
Provillus is one of the best cures for hair loss being sold right now, with a big percentage of men and women stopping the hair loss process and regrowing new hair with its use.

Most users experienced a decrease in hair thinning within the first 2 months of usage, considering that many products can take up to one year to begin show some results.

With Provillus 1-3 months into treatment, is where the regrowth starts to happen.

The problem with this treatment is that you have to continue using it, if you want to maintain results, and that is the bad aspect of it: you will have to become a slave of it for life, or your hair will start falling out again as soon as you discontinue using it.
The next product is called Profollica.

Its users may not quite have the same success seen in Provillus, however, they will benefit from some decrease in hair shedding and a little regrow.

The recommended treatment period for Profollica is 6 months up to one year: a long time, but it depends on the severity of your hair loss.

Naturally in less serious cases will need to use it less, while more severe instances of balding will opt for the full 12 month cure.

This treatment has some side effects like itchy scalps, burning sensations and even a loss of appetite, so that is certainly not one of the best conditions one may desire.

Also with this product, results are seen only as long as you use it. That’s bad though.

The next product is Rogaine, which doesn’t need an introduction.

It is one of the biggest selling hair loss product for men for as long as we can remember.

Unlike our top 2 treatments, Rogaine is a simple topical treatment, and there is not oral assumption.

Furthermore, also Rogaine requires continued usage.

This means, there is no end to the this treatment, just like the other 2.

That being said, the results for this product are not too bad after all.

Many people with mild hair loss will be happy to see their hair loss stop, with a little regrowth within a few months of the treatment, but it may take up to 10 months to see some regrowth.

Continued usage is a must.

The last hair loss treatment is a big news for men and women who suffer from hair loss.

A natural stop of the shedding process without side effects is the result of a few month of use of the Full Program top stop baldness.

Natural deactivation of DHT and increase of the blood flow to the scalp

Watch the intro videos at to learn what this treatment can really do for you.

This is certainly the best of the top 4 products to treat hair loss in 2014.