Tips to slow down male hair loss

Tips to slow down male hair loss
In this post you can get more knowledge about some good tips to slow down male hair loss

In this post we will talk about some good tips to slow down male hair loss.

Many think that there is not a stable, permanent cure for male pattern baldness, but this is actually not true.

Several people have succeeded in stopping the shedding of their hair with the Full Program.

If you have not yet joined such a powerful program, in the meanwhile there are some ways to slow down the balding process naturally.

Hair loss can be influenced by your lifestyle, your hygiene, and your eating habits.

Genetics (hormone secretion like too much DHT) and overall health factors also affect the health of your hair.

Following a healthy diet rich in nutritious food, minerals, vitamins and aminoacids will help keep your hair from shedding.

Increasing  the intake of fruits and dark green leafy vegetables as they have strong anti-inflammatory properties, and  contain powerful antioxidants that will help protect yout hair follicles and promote hair growth.

As we have already mentioned in some other posts, green tea helps  inhibit the production of hormones that trigger hair loss.

For a proper natural deactivation of DHT on the scalp (and only on the scalp, make sure to join the full program).

A diet rich in proteins will help to slow down hair loss as it contains many essential fatty acids and amino acids that will help boost the ability of your body to stop the excessive shedding.

If you can, try to avoid any alcohol because it doesn’t help a proper blood flow, avoid sugars and too much saturated fats.

Avoid stress and going to bed late, as this will not help regulate your hormone production.

Getting lots of exercise can also help in the battle against baldness, as this increases the heart rate and it will help reduce hair loss.

On the other side, avoid too much weight training, as this increases the levels of testosterone in the body and from testosterone, we then get DHT, which is strongly aggressive for the hair follicles.

Hope these tips help you in fighting off hair loss and remember to watch the intro videos of our natural anti baldness program, visiting .