The connection between hair loss and vitamin D

The connection between hair loss and vitaminD
Learn in this post the connection between hair loss and vitaminD

According to many researchers, vitamin D can actually help in preventing hair loss, and it is particularly indicated if your hair is thinning and you have a deficiency.

Our lifestyle today involves mainly indoor activities and we often don’t get enough sunlight, which is one of the best sources of vitamin D.

Another important cause of its deficiency is following a diet lacking essential fatty acids.

In fact Omega 3 affects the biological process of this vitamin.

Our body can produce naturally this vitamin, but it needs essential fatty acids to do so, and these are a also needed in many fundamental body functions.

Egyptian dermatologist talks about baldness and vitamin D

If lately you’re finding lots of hair from the drain, you may want to take a closer look the foods you are eating, because if you happen to have low levels of vitamin D and also the mineral iron, well this could be one of the causing factors in your thinning locks.

Some scientists at Cairo university analyzed some women who were suffering from hair loss and found out that the level of this vitamin and mineral I just named, were pretty low.

The Egyptian dermatologist Rania Mounir Abdel Hay, MD states that vitamin D might somehow contribute to control an regulate the genes that encourage the growth of the hair follicles, while if you have low levels of iron, this may inhibit an important enzyme which is linked with baldness in mice.

Here at we recommend to assume at least 600 IU of vitamin D per day, and up to 800 IU if you’re older than 70.

Foods that contain vitamin D (to prevent thinning locks)

  • Salmon has 450 IU per 3-ounce portion;
  • Orange juice and fortified milk contain 115 to 135 IU.

To be able to produce vitamin D in our body needs cholesterol, and if you are not getting enough fatty acids, the body cannot produce the vitamin naturally, and this will result in a deficiency.

Some of the side effects of this deficiency are dermatitis, flaky scalp and even hair loss.

Have a look at what the science says about baldness and vitamin D

Actually hair thinning may be the result of other vitamin deficiency too, but vitamin D is definitely one of the most important in this role.

If you are not getting enough vitamin D in your diet, and if your lifestyle forces you to pass days and days always home, then a vitamin supplement containing also vitamin D is absolutely essential.

You can buy vitamins from many suppliers all over the world, and in this post I will include some of the best online shops where you can purchase vitamins:

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These are just some of the web sites where you can purchase your vitamins, but a simple google search in your local zone will help you finding a spot where you can buy your supplements.

We recommend to take vitamins in a balanced way.

Don’t take just vitamin D, to help you with your hair loss, but best if you take it included in a balanced supplement.

The connection between hair loss and vitamin D includes also spending as much time as you can outdoors, and getting sunshine!