Study about pumpkin seeds helping with hair loss

Study about pumpkin seeds helping with hair loss and baldness

Did you know that there is a new study about pumpkin seeds helping with hair loss?

These seeds are a part of the squash family, and are known to be very healthy for our body, and trust me: I have seen them already throughout different parts of the world.

These seeds (called also Pepita) are a good source of omega -6 acids and vitamins, especially E and K.

Some recent studies found out that pumpkin seeds oil based supplements can actually help with cholesterol, blood pressure and have also benefits for men, especially for a good hair growth.

How is pumpkin seed oil and hair growth connected?

Some Korean researchers confirmed that the “Pepita seeds oil” increases the growth of new hair in men whose hair is thinning.

What did they do? They tested 76 young men who were suffering from light male pattern hair loss.

They made sure that these people didn’t take any supplements/medications in the previous 3 months.

Half of these men were given everyday about 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil while the rest got an inactive substance.

At the end of the observation period (3 months) the scientists found that 44% of the people taking Pepita seed oil improved a bit their hair growth, 51% didn’t get any improvements and only 2.7% lost more hair.

The rest of the men who got inactive substance 28% of them got more bald, 64% stayed the same and 7.7% increased their hair growth.

Conclusion: using “Pepita seed oil” is more safe then regular medicines

The Korean scientists concluded that the treatment based on these seeds is safe and side effects free with only one young man reporting mild stomach ache: this is nothing compared to the adverse effects of conventional drug, such as finasteride and propecia.

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pumpkin seed oil helps to stop hair loss?