Learn How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally And Side Effects Free

With the Full Program: the best investment you will EVER do for the health of your hair. Period.

The Endhairloss.eu Full Program to stop hair loss naturally

  • Stop hair loss in 2 to 3 months through the use of our natural treatment;
  • Effective elimination of the three main enemies of your hair’s health, as thoroughly discussed in the presentation videos;
  • Detailed, step by step, training that will enable you reestablish the health of your hair follicles;
  • Awesome customer service that will back you up all the way through;
  • 30 days money back guarantee!
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The Endhairloss.eu Full Program is the best all natural stop hair loss treatment available, but we want to remove all risk to you. That is why we offer a 100% No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not happy, simply ask for our helpful support team for a refund and we will be happy to oblige as quickly as we can.

REAL TESTIMONIALS from REAL PEOPLE who have been on our program!

What can the Full Program do for you?

Step 1 - Reactivate the micro blood circulation

Hey this is Giampaolo Floris, and today I’ve got some VERY GOOD NEWS for you.

I am sure you have been trying to stop your hair loss using different products and lotions

You have probably tried Minoxidil, Propecia, Rogaine, PRP, PG2 blockers, Emu oil, Saw Palmetto (or God knows which other products out there), just to see your hair keep falling out, and getting thinner and thinner.

Am I right?

Things only improved for me when I understood that yes, I had to activate and increase the blood circulation to my upper part of my scalp, BUT not I also understood that it is necessary to MAINTAIN it.

Re-establishing hair loss just for a week or 10 days, it may stop your hair loss temporarily, but if you are not able to MAINTAIN the blood flow to certain levels, your hair will keep falling again.

To stay healthy and active, the hair follicle needs a continuous supply of nutritive elements and oxygen, a task which is carried out (barring complications) by the peripheral blood circulation.

Your blood distributes all the nutritive substances your hair needs such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that we metabolize from the food we eat, or that we get through dietary supplements.


  • Deactivate DHT naturally

    As explained in video #2, learn how to reconvert DHT into Testosterone (which is not harmful for the health of your hair).

  • Decrease the DHT levels on your scalp

    Increasing the oxygenation of the tissues on the vertex, frontal, occipital, and parietal areas of your scalp with our method, you will be able to decrease dramatically the levels of DHT on your hair follicles, with BIG BENEFITS for the health of your hair roots.

Step 3- Resolve any scalp condition

Here at Endhairloss.eu we have seen lots of scalps, and we have learned over the years that too most people pay very little attention to its condition.

It's normally hiding under their hair and it doesn’t become a concern until they experience symptoms.

Scalp conditions vary from dry, flaky scalp or acne, to more serious conditions such as a rash or an irregular mole.

One of the things you will learn in this section of our program is how to regulate the sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

The glands need maintenance so that they will produce the proper amount of sebum, not too little, not too much.

Sebum, by the way, is the name of the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands of your skin, it is composed of keratin, fat, dead cells, and as you will see in a moment, it also has a high concentration of DHT.

It is therefore extremely damaging to the hair if it is in excess.

Such is the case of people who have greasy hair.

At the same time, this oil has the important function of keeping hair and skin hydrated and protected from external agents, so it is important to be able to balance its production: not too much, not too little.



  • Get the same results of Minoxidil or Rogaine

    but in a completely natural way, and without harmful side effects.

  • Precise step by step training program

    where you will learn how to use the muscles in the upper part of your head to reestablish the blood flow, and maintain it to good levels, preventing hair loss in the future.

Step 2 - Deactivate the DHT hormone

As we saw in the second intro video, there is a specific enzyme, which can transform testosterone into DHT, and during my research I became interested in the studies of a group of American biologists who discovered another enzyme, which is found in the skeletal and voluntary muscles, which has the astonishing and unique ability to reconvert DHT into testosterone through the active use of the voluntary muscles.

This was a fantastic discovery for me: with a particular use of the head muscles, not only could I reactivate the micro blood circulation, to give new life to the dying roots of my hair, but at the same time I could prevent the hormone DHT from destroying my hair follicles.

Not only that, according to the studies of Dr. Brian J. Freund of Crown Institute, Pickering, Ontario, the enzymatic conversion of testosterone to DHT is oxygen dependent.

In low-oxygen environments, the conversion of testosterone to di-hydro-testosterone is favoured,

whereas in high-oxygen environments, more testosterone is converted to estradiol” which is a female sex hormone, not aggressive for the hair follicles.

Increasing the oxigenation of the scalp tissues, with our method, you will be able to decrease dramatically the levels of DHT on your hair follicles, thus giving new life to your hair, as we know that DHT is very harmful.

I know you have been struggling to stop your hair loss without success, and I am sorry for all he products you bought, without getting any result.

Well, you have now come to the right place, to finally stop your hair loss permanently, naturally and side effects free.

scalp conditions

  • Resolve unwanted scalp conditions

    such as different dermatitis, excessive dandruff, various inflammations and irritations.

  • Decrease that particular type of DHT produced in the sebaceous glands

    Sebum contains DHT. It is vital for the health of your hair, to regulate the scalp sebum production. Learn how to do that in this section of the program.

Easy to use...


You have seen the first 4 presentation videos. You know the quality of our materials. The videos of the Full Program are just as easy to understand and follow. This is one of the points that we really stress: make it easy for you understand what we are talking about, and explain how to use the practical part of our program, where you will really stop your hair loss for good.


Let's take a look at all the benefits, one by one, so you can get an idea of the uses of the Full Program V.3.0, and all the features of our on line training. This will give you a detailed vision of what you can expect from joining.

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endhairloss benefits

  • 1) Reactivation of the micro blood circulation

    in a very natural way, in all areas of the upper part of the head.

  • 2) Why blood flow decreases

    and consequent solutions to eliminate these causes, ensuring they do not show up again in the future.

  • 3) A healthy scalp

    without irritations, excessive dandruff, and a balanced sebaceous secretion.

  • 4) Healthy capillary follicles

    With our method your hair follicles will continue growing new hairs when the old ones fall out, due to natural substitution.

  • 5) Different hair loss types explained

    and related techniques that will allow you to stop your specific type of hair loss.

  • 6) Deactivation of the DHT hormone

    the enemy of our hair, through the exclusive muscular reactivation and anti-DHT techniques used by Endhairloss.eu.

  • 7) How to use the muscles

    of the upper part of the face and the head correctly to re-establish the blood circulation and convert DHT back into testosterone, which is harmless for capillary follicles.

  • 8) What is the blood hydrostatic pressure

    and how can you use it to your own advantage to improve the health of your hair.

  • 9) Hair loss and posture

    In this section you will learn how you can use the connection between hair loss and the posture of your body to your advantage, to speed up the process and stop balding.

  • 10) Stress and hair loss

    Learn our special techniques to prevent stress from making all your hair fall out.

  • 11) The best products for your scalp

    The best natural and organic shampoos, conditioners, clarifying products and remedies from all over the world.

  • 12) In-depth knowledge of the scalp structure

    and a detailed understanding of how to reverse the process that causes progressive thinning, and total baldness.

  • 13) Works for both sexes

    The program has been tested and works for both men, and women. No side effects.

  • 14) Hair loss in women.

    Not only we will we explain the theories behind hair loss causes in women, we will give you well-detailed steps to take to stop balding.

  • 15) How to use the anti-hair loss exercises

    In each video of the male practical section, I will personally demonstrate how to do these exercises the right way, while Valentine will demonstrate the female exercises.

  • 16) The hairy vs bald video

    a whole video dedicated to showing you the behavioral differences between people with healthy hair and people who are bald. In this special video, which is unique in its genre, you will come to understand the secret unsuspected reasons why some men are able to maintain their hair healthy, while other have gone bald.

The creator of the treatment

Hey, my name is Giampaolo Floris, I am the founder of Endhairloss.eu and the creator of the Full Program to stop hair loss.

When I say that we can really help you stop your hair loss naturally, I really mean it.

We are not just another hair loss web site where the support desk probably isn't even manned a month after launch.

We have been doing this for 6 years. We are constantly helping people through our ticket system and our method, improve the conditions of their scalp, and stop hair loss naturally.

Which is why the Full Program has more than 7,000 happy customers with the most amazing hair loss stories out there.

Needless to say that I have been the first to enjoy the great benefits coming from the use of the Full Program: I have stopped my hair loss in 1993, and I have been helping people and researching in this field, ever since.

Try our customer service response time! Send an email to: intro@endhairloss.eu

The BONUSES of the Full Program


These amazing 3 BONUSES will be included in the Full Program, if you join us today!

Watch the video for a full description of what you will be getting.


Get access to the Full Program now with our special offer!

The Endhairloss.eu Full Program to stop hair loss naturally

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The Endhairloss.eu Full Program is the best all natural stop hair loss treatment available, but we want to remove all risk to you. That is why we offer a 100% No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not happy, simply ask for our helpful support team for a refund and we will be happy to oblige as quickly as we can.


This is what they say those who have done the program...

This program works for real! It is unbelievable... since I have started it, my hair has completely stopped thinning. Even my girlfriend noticed it, and she is happy, not only because I will not go bald, but also because this matter was stressing me out a lot, and it was the only thing I would talk about!  

- Steven, Calgary

When I realized that my hair had started to fall out, I began using both Finasteride and Rogaine, but I had to stop using them shortly after because of the negative side effects. I started to look for an alternative natural solution, but all the programs sold on the internet looked like a scam to me. Endhairloss.eu looked a little different to me, and the information in the intro videos about the enemies of the hair's health all made perfect sense to me. Even though I was still a bit skeptical, I started to use it and... my hair has stopped falling out ever since. IT WORKS!! Thank you so much; I will recommend it to anybody who suffers from hair loss!

- Matthew, Vincenza

I was able to stop my hair loss in about 2 weeks... My hair started to thin out in 1987, slowly but constantly. I tried different products, but I have never gotten long-lasting results. However, I really wanted to avoid going bald. Every time I saw myself in the mirror, it was a big pain for me. Minoxidil didn't work for me, and the use of Propecia was affecting my sex life, so I had to quit using it. After using the method described in the Endhairloss.eu Full Program, I have been able to stop my hair loss in only 2 weeks. I wish I met you before, guys!!

- Fabio, Rome

I am a female, and for a woman to suffer from hair loss is even worse than for a man. My hair started to thin about 10 years ago, and when I washed it I used to find a lot of hair clogging my shower drain. I was really stressed as I was losing my sex appeal. Recently, I have discovered the site Endhairloss.eu, and I have to tell you that after using the method of the Full Program, my hair loss has visibly diminished in just one week. This hair loss treatment is simply fantastic and I highly recommend it!

- Luana, Budapest

A big thank to Giampaolo Floris and all the staff of Endhairloss.eu... my hair has stopped thinning... no more strands on my pillow, in the sink or on the bathroom floor! My target was to permanently stop the thinning and keep at least the hair that I still have. I used the advanced exercises 6 & 7 a lot, as well as the rest of the method. It really worked. 🙂 Thank you so much!!  

- Simon, Parma

It's been about one month since I started the Full Program to stop hair loss, and not only has my hair stopped falling out, but I have even started to experience some regrowth. Today after combing my hair, my brush had only a few hairs left in it. I am so happy that this program is really giving me the results I expected when I joined it. Thanks a lot to the support staff who helped me so much to apply the method correctly!  

- Mary, Nashville

Got a question about the Full Program? Send an email to: intro@endhairloss.eu