Reasons for hair loss in newborn babies

Reasons for hair loss in newborn babies
Reasons for hair loss in newborn babies: read everything in this post.

When a new born baby begins to experience some degree of hair loss, or his hair falls out completely, well it can be pretty normal for a parent to freak out.

Luckily, for new born babies, this is a very normal condition, and they have such a variety of hair patterns.

For a number of babies, the first hair that grows falls out before the new one takes place, and some may even stay completely bald in their first year.

Other babies in the new growth begins at the same time as the old one begins falling out, and so the hair loss is hardly visible.

The reasons for hair loss in newborn babies can be found in a drop in hormones before delivery.

A newborn has a high hormone level in his body, which is obtained by the mom.

The reason why new born babies suffer from baldness

Once he is born, the hormone levels in his system drop rapidly and this causes his hair to enter into a resting phase, which means that they stop growing.

This resting hair, then falls out, as the new hair growth arrives from underneath, pushing out the resting hair, and causing the loss: this is what causes the head of the baby look like he is actually suffering from baldness like an adult male.

If your baby new hair is taking too long, don’t worry, it can be normal.

Just wait and very soon new, healthier locks will appear on your baby’s scalp.

If your baby has a bald spot in the back or in one of the sides of his head, it may be because of his sleeping position, so there is not much to worry either.

As long as the scalp looks healthy, you shouldn’t bother contacting a doctor, but in case of excessive scaling of the skin (as it usually happens to many babies), discuss the matter with your baby’s pediatrician, and follow his recommendations.

Article by Giampaolo Floris


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