Do onions help stop hair loss?

Onions can actually help you decrease hair fall and a receding hair line, who would have said that?

onions help stop hair loss
Do onions help stop hair loss? Find out in this post!

One of the main reasons why they can help is because they are rich in sulfur which can promote hair growth.

This mineral in fact helps increasing blood circulation, and prevents hair fall.

Besides, onion juice opens up the pores of your follicles that were clogged and prevents scalp infections.

This juice has fact antibacterial properties and it is therefore very suited for scalp infections.

Not only, it can also help you get rid of excessive dandruff.

If at the moment you have no chance to use a good hair loss treatment (like our Full Program) then you can start this simple and natural treatment home.

This is how to prepare them to treat your scalp:

Grind some onion peels to a fine paste, and apply it onto your scalp.

For best results filter the onion juice and apply the liquid directly on the skin.

Being the smell difficult to bear, be sure not to leave the juice on your scalp for more than 30 min and then wash your hair with an organic shampoo.

Follow this treatment on alternate days for at least 2 months, if you want to see some good results.

Look at this video, from our you tube channel, about  hair growth, and how to use onion juice the right way to prevent hair loss.

 Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe to get hair regrowth

Just like the lady on the video, who explains an ayurveduc onion mask recipe to stimulate
the hair follicles, some people report some consistent hair regrowth, and I hope you may find
this helpful

 To help decrease dandruff, include some lemon juice.

Hair loss may decrease with this treatment, but if the amount of DHT is excessive on your scalp, then you should definitely use our natural program to deactivate the effects of this hormone in your hair.

In any case, beginning to care for your hair with this natural hair loss treatment can help you stop a receding hairline and a progressive hair thinning.

Onions help stop hair loss, but remember to apply only fresh onion juice, and don’t use the juice if it has been left in the open for long, as it will have lost its properties.

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  1. I leave the onion juice for 12 hours on my head.I can see some improvement in my hair quality.Is it okey to leave the juice for 12 hours or more long time?

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