Is Hair Loss Inherited from the Mother’s Side?

Is Hair Loss Inherited from the Mother's Side?
Is Hair Loss Inherited from the Mother’s Side? Find out in this post!

The type of hair loss called genetic balding can be inherited from either mother or father, and it happens quite often that it can skip a generation.

If your mother has hair problems, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will go bald yourself or that your hair will begin thinning, sooner or later.

Balding can be connected to so many other factors, related to your present life, that just putting everything “in the hands of our genes” it is not going to solve the problem easily.

Dermatologists and doctors can assume what’s going to happen to your hair by observing your family history, but whatever they find, it doesn’t mean that you will certainly go bald or not.

If you have no maternal or paternal history of baldness, it’s not very likely that you will experience severe hair loss, but a sudden source of stress, or mistreating your hair with very aggressive products, leading a very hectic lifestyle, and not taking proper care of your body, may always trigger some shedding.

In any case inheriting MPB (male pattern baldness) from your mother’s side is false.

It could easily be inherited from the father’s side.

The best action you can do to prevent going bald is eating properly, avoid all sources of stress, and do everything possible to keep the micro blood circulation in the upper part of your head at high levels.

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Hereditary baldness seems to be inherited from maternal genes according to scholars.

Is Hair Loss Inherited from the Mother’s Side

There are more people who are developing baldness from a very young age now and this is a disorder that can be extremely damaging psychologically for anyone who has to endure it.

This can easily translate to problems in relationships, trouble at work and general self-esteem issues that are extremely difficult to deal with.

There are statistics that show that at least one in every five young people is currently having problems with their hair line.

This means that the disorder is growing stronger and there are many factors to consider that are causing this to happen.

One of the main and most important issues is the fast paced world that we are living in today.

This creates a very tense and difficult environment that promotes stress and anxiety, both of which are known for creating hair thinning and baldness problems for people all over the world.

Another problem that comes from this fast paced lifestyle is that people are not eating balanced diets and this is also a very common cause of hair loss.

Our bodies need proper nutrition in order to help us maintain a healthy scalp and if we are always eating junk food because we are in a hurry, we are going to suffer from deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

These are all things that can be attributed to the loss of hair, but the main reason for baldness is certainly attributed to inheritance.

There are many scholars who argue that premature baldness is a result that is mainly due to hereditary factors.

This is particularly due to genes that are inherited from the mother.

According to studies the gene that is linked to androgenic alopecia is located on the X chromosome.

There was a time when a bald father would lead people to believe that the son would suffer the same fate, but the truth is that this is not the way it works.

The maternal genes are the carriers of the loss and mother genes

These studies have completely changed the perception of this condition and while there is still much to be discussed and analyzed, it has become quite obvious that the problem is related closely to the mother and the baldness that her relatives have suffered from.

This means that the men who fear that they could have baldness in the future should look at the men in their mother’s side of the family in order to determine this.

It seems like there are some regions and countries in the world who suffer from hair loss more than others. Germany and Britain seem to be two of the most commonly affected regions.

This does not mean that the problem is not present in all races and continents, but it seems like Caucasians are more likely to develop baldness than others.

There is still much to be learned and studied in regards to this problem, but the current discoveries have helped a lot and there might be a moment when baldness will be eradicated.

At this point the only thing that can be done is to treat the condition and try to put a stop or at least reduce the hair loss in the patient.

This is hopefully going to evolve into a more permanent cure that will allow both men and women with this problem to regain their full hair.

For the time being the best thing that people can do to solve their issue is to look for professional help to determine the best course of action.