The ideal diet to follow, in order to help you stop hair loss

The ideal diet to follow, in order to help you stop hair loss
In this post you will learn about the ideal diet to follow, in order to help you stop hair loss.

In this post I would like to talk about the ideal diet to follow, in order to help you stop hair loss and strengthen your hair.

I will also share with you which vitamins, proteins and minerals you should be getting.

Vitamin A has a fundamental role in the health of the skin.

Then, we have the group of B vitamins, especially B8, more commonly known as biotin, which plays one of the most important roles for the health of your hair.

In fact, the vitamins in this group have precious qualities, which help to regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands.

These vitamins are necessary for obtaining beneficial results and continuous hair health.

Biotin plays an additional and fundamental role in the synthesis of keratin, the main protein component of the hair.

You must check to see that your diet includes this vitamin together with the other B vitamins.

Vitamin C, next on our list, is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature.

Then you have vitamin E, which helps fight the free radicals in charge of hair and aging.

Let us move on to the minerals:

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral for the health of our body, both for physical and mental reasons.

It is of particular interest for us, because magnesium allows for muscular contractions, and it is essential for creating energy at a cellular level.

If you are lacking magnesium, it can cause nervousness and insomnia and you are more likely to be subject to stress, with all the consequences for your hair.

Iron is indispensable in the synthesis of hemoglobin, an important protein responsible for carrying oxygen from the respiratory organs to the different tissues of our body, which includes the scalp.

Copper contributes to the creation of melanin, the pigment that gives color to hair and protects it from solar radiations.

Selenium, which is a strong antioxidant, contributes to skin elasticity.

Zinc, which favors hair growth, also plays an important role in muscular work.

Lastly, Sulfur is an essential mineral for your hair’s health because it is formed by a few amino acids that belong to keratin itself.

These  amino acids are called methionine, cysteine, homocysteine, and taurine and  are the most important amino acids for hair growth.

You should be enjoying: green-leafed vegetables, beans, legumes, fresh, dried fruit, red meat (max two times a week), white meat, liver, dried beans, beer yeast, brown cereals, and fish, up to three times a week.

These are the foods that have a high concentration of the vitamins and minerals, discussed above.

In different cases, taking a food supplement is mandatory, and in our guide, I have included a few products that we recommend and where you can get them.

I personally choose to eat organic food, rather than conventionally grown food and encourage you to do the same.

According to recent studies, organic foods are more nutritious, since we grow them without using harmful pesticides.

Eating organic will make a difference in the general health of your body, not just your hair.

Try to stay away from junk food and high fat foods, since they also negatively influence the scalp blood circulation.

Avoiding butter, lard, fried food and similar items will be especially helpful to those with too much oil in their skin.

On the other hand, you can eat lots of vegetables with few problems.

They are a very good source of vitamins and minerals and are easily digestible.

Many vegetables contain also high percentages of proteins, like for example all the species of legumes, in particular dried ones and soya sprouts.

Eating healthy and when possible, organic, will help you have a healthier body and will improve the quality of your blood, and this is an important factor for your hair’s health.

Last, but not least, if you are suffering from severe hair loss, you should avoid any animal milk, and dairy products, especially those with a high fat content.

Cows today are treated antibiotics and hormones, to be able to produce such large amounts of milk.

These chemicals are in the food and milk you drink, and they cause hormonal imbalances like increasing androgens, which may lead to more DHT in your body.

According to several scientific studies, pasteurized milk has been associated with many health problems, and if you keep drinking it, you do so at your own risk.

I recommend that you replace the dairy products you consume with soy products, such as isolated soy protein, tofu, and rice or oat milk.

This brings us to the end of the lesson that I hope will be useful for you in improving the condition of your scalp and the health of your hair.

I encourage you to check out the hair products you are currently using and take the necessary actions, if they contain aggressive elements.

Read the ingredients of your shampoo and be sure is does not contain aggressive elements, as specified in our guide.

If it does, get rid of that shampoo and start using an organic product.

Do not hesitate.

Article by Giampaolo Floris