How to treat an oily scalp

In this post I will recommend five natural remedies to solve your greasy hair problem, and how to treat an oily scalp.

One person out of four suffers from greasy hair at the root, which is often dry in all its length and sometimes even smelly, but be assured: this can be cured effectively with natural remedies that I will recommend in this post.

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The first thing to make sure is that you use a good shampoo, not one containing too many sulphates and parabens.

The main trigger for oily hair is excess sebum caused by products that contain harsh chemical ingredients, requiring the sebaceous glands to work harder and produce more sebum.

Here are some things to do at home in order to remedy this situation.

Five natural remedies to solve your greasy hair problem

The first remedy is made from flour or cornstarch. Remedy 1 flour or cornstarch to treat an oily hair

Flour/corn starch are both good natural remedies to remove excess fat from the scalp. Here’s what to do: pour a tablespoon of flour or cornstarch in a container, add a pinch of salt and pepper and apply this mixture on dry hair. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and wipe away everything with a brush. Such treatment can be applied on alternate days. In the meantime, use a shampoo for biological cleaning of the scalp.

The next remedy is to use lemon.

Remedy 2 to treat an oily scalp lemon juiceThis is a must for those who want to eliminate or at least alleviate the problem of too much fat on their hair. Wash with an organic shampoo, then apply two lemons on your wet hair. Gently massage the scalp and rinse thoroughly. This will make the hair shinier, bright and it will help regulate sebum secretion.

The third remedy is done with apple cider vinegar.

As explained in another video on our channel, it’s also very effective against dandruff.

The Apple cider vinegar you use should be completely organic and unfiltered.

After washing the hair, apply a little vinegar on the whole surface of the scalp and leave it there for about twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Apple cider vinegar will allow your hair to be clear of excess grease and that will give back brightness and strength to the hair making it shiny and clean.

The fourth remedy is made with nothing more than the “rucola salat”.

Known as “garden rocket”, with rucola you can get a great degreasing shampoo.

Boil the rucola for 10 minutes and pour a tablespoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of sulfur powder. Wash your hair with the infusion and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

This infusion will get rid of excessive oil form your hair in a gentle way and it will make it shine too.

The fifth and final remedy involves the use of essential oils.

Remedies for oily hair essential oilsInto your favorite shampoo (which I repeat, should be organic) add 3 or 4 drops of essential oil of sage, lavender or orange.

These oils have antiseptic and tonic properties, which are indicated to treat oily hair. Another great product to add to your shampoo is the oil of thyme.

You can prepare a great infuse with the thymus, boil 2 grams of thyme leaves for about ten minutes, along with 2 grams of nettle and 2 grams of lavender.

You should generally avoid rubbing your head too vigorously during your shampoo treatment and do not use the hair dryer hot at close range.

Also avoid using metal combs and combs or brushes that are thin and narrow. If you suffer from dandruff, we have a video tutorial where I teach a great natural remedy against this annoying problem.

It is also important to follow a proper diet, and in this case, we have a fairly complete video, where I talk about how to eat properly and what foods to avoid, to reduce excess sebum and have healthier hair.

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