How to treat alopecia

How to treat alopecia
Learn how to treat alopecia in this post

In this post we are gonna discuss how to treat alopecia.

In medical language hair loss is called alopecia, and unfortunately there are many patterns of disease related this problem which can be caused also by different drugs and medications.

The most common type is called male-pattern baldness, and it is normally caused by the effects of hormones, like DHT.

Male-pattern baldness is also named androgenetic alopecia as it is caused by androgens of male sex hormones, and it shows as a receding hairline along with shedding hair over the crown.

Female pattern baldness instead manifests as a thinning of hair all over the top of the head.

Another type of Alopecia is called “areata” and causes patchy bald areas on the scalp and it is commonly provoked by imbalances in the immune system.

There is also another type of alopecia, called scarring alopecia, and it is caused by a scar on the skin.

In this type, the follicles that hold the roots may be completely inactive or even destroyed and this means that the hair will not grow back anymore.

Anagen effluvium is a more widespread hair loss that may affect the whole body apart from the scalp.

To try to cure alopecia drugs like propecia and minoxidil are commonly used, but they have several dangerous side effects, and even when they work, their effect is only momentary.

In fact their efficacy often goes away after they are discontinued.

Steroids can be used to cure alopecia areata, but in this case using a cosmetic surgical method is the best and the safest way.

In the long run, we have noticed that many people who try to cure alopecia with drugs, achieve only temporary results, because the fundamental reasons why hair loss begun in the first place have not been properly treated.

The use of the Full Program can give you permanent results in the long run.

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