How to stop hair loss naturally – a YouTube playlist

There are a lot of you tube videos where people try to teach how to stop hair loss naturally, and in this post I have decided to include my own personal youtube playlist of baldness videos:

The two main enemies of our hair

If you have been reading other posts of this blog, you probably know that here at, we have observed that most of hair loss types can be stopped reactivating the micro blood circulation and deactivating the hormone DHT, the male hormone which attacks and miniaturizes the hair follicles.

If you think about it, two of the most sold products in the market: Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Propecia (Finasteride), they focus exactly on these two points: blood flow and the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, thanks to the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.

With our program: the Full Program, we can totally achieve the result of stopping hair loss, because we target exactly these 2 main reasons why hair loss occours.

Only that we do that naturally, and without any side effects.

I think you should watch the intro videos of our program, where we explain the fundaments of our program really well, and thoroghly tell you how our method works in details.

Right now I can tell you that one big part of eliminating these 2 reasons for hair loss is using the head muscles, and the face muscles, to re-establish the necessary flow of blood for the hair follicles to survive, and deactivate at the same time Dy-hydro-testosterone (DHT).

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 learn how to stop hair loss naturally
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Hair like people has a life-cycle and must fall out one day, to be replaced by a new hair which will grow at the same place.

Between the rate at which hair falls out and the rate at which it grows, there is a natural balance.

When this balance is broken, hair loss occours, and there can be different “apparent” causes, like the physical and mental stress of city life, scalp infections and irritations,¬† menopause, hormonal imbalances during teenage years and pregnancy,

But I can tell you, for my personal experience, that if you can eliminate the 2 main reasons for hair loss, that I have described earlier in this post, most of these hair thinning types, can be successfully stopped.

Well, watch the intro videos of our course, and you will understand what I really mean, when I tell you that we can totally help you too prevent baldness efficiently.

Oh, by the way, in the program I will  also teach you how to defeat bad scalp conditions, like dermatitis, irritations, seborrhea, different irritation and excessive scaling.

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