How to stop hair fall

The main component of hair is protein, and if your body is missing proteins, it can have a hard time to replace the hair that naturally falls out every day.

How to stop hair fall
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That is the reason why your diet must be rich in protein foods like eggs, fish, white meat and low fat dairy products (best organic).

In a particular way, make sure that your diet is rich also in the following minerals and vitamins:

Zinc: if your body has not enough of this mineral, you may experience some hair loss, as well as a dry and a flaky scalp.

Get your zinc from chicken, nuts, pulses, whole grains and eggs.

Calcium: this mineral cannot be forgotten as it is way too important for hair growth. Get it from low-fat dairy products, best organic as I just said.

Vitamins B: these vitamins contribute to nourish the cells of the hair follicle, and are probably the most important to help you stop hair fall.

Get them from yeast, nuts, green leafy veg and peas, whole grains and pulses.

Vital Vitamin A: this vitamin contributes to produce the oils (like sebum for example) that sustain the scalp.

If your body lacks in this vitamin, your scalp can become itchy and with lots of dandruff.

Get it from tomato, carrots, mangoes, green leafy veggies and sweet potatoes,

Iron: this mineral is important because it helps the blood to carry oxygen to the hair follicles, and too little of it can contribute to cause hair fall.

Boost your iron stores with foods like egg, pork, green leafy veggies, prunes, fish and chicken.

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