How to fight hair loss in teenagers

How to fight hair loss in teenagers
How to fight hair loss in teenagers: read how to fight hair loss in this post.

We normally link hair loss with older people, particularly men, however, it’s becoming more and more common for individuals in their late teens, to experience some degree of hair loss or thinning hair.

Unfortunately, when this happens, can disrupt the confidence and the social life of the teenager, as it easy to imagine.

We will recommend in this post some solutions that you can take to prevent hair loss, and of course we suggest you check the intro videos of our natural baldness treatment, in our home page (click on one of the animated banners, go to the home page and subscribe there to see now the first video), but remember to always consult with a doctor before you make changes in your diet etc.

It is intended for informational purposes only, and readers must remember to always consult a physician prior to making changes in diet or exercise regimens.

Causes of hair loss in teenagers

About 1-2 % of Americans only  (including teenagers) suffer from alopecia areata, a type of baldness that occurs only in concentrated circular areas.

Other teenagers suffer from androgenetic alopecia which is the most diffuse, and affects about 2/3rds of males in the US, while female teenagers (rarely though) can experience Female pattern hair loss, in their late twenties.

This is a particular type of androgenetic alopecia that can affect young women following puberty, and it presents itself with a widening zone where the hair begins thin in a diffuse way.

For this type of alopecia, we recommend you check your hormonal secretion with your doctor, and also practicing stress management and improve your diet are important steps to do.

Unfortunately also several medicines used to treat different conditions teenagers may have, can  acne medications, contraceptive medicines and drugs to cure thyroid disorders.

If this is your case, check with your doctor, and with him see which of the medicines you are on may be causing your hair loss, and try with his help to find a less risky substitute.

Teenagers can suffer from hair thinning too

Naturally, eating healthy plays an important role in your hair’s health, so make sure to include in your diet, lots of veggies and macronutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be healthy in general.

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