How to fight DHT naturally, and stop hair loss – on steroids!


Ok, here at we are receiving a lot of testimonials from people who have joined our program, telling us how they have stopped hair loss, so I have decided to give you some more insights on how to fight DHT naturally.

I am going to talk about the second great enemy to the health of your hair follicles, an element that you must keep under control if you want to stop hair loss effectively.

If this specific factor is left unsolved, not only will it shrink the size of your hair follicles, reducing them to small unproductive units scattered here and there on the scalp.

It will also prevent any other treatment against hair loss from working, as it should.

During this video, I will talk about the revolutionary and natural techniques that we use to eliminate this factor from the scalp.

I will also tell you my story of how I came to develop the Full Program and I will give you a few examples of people who have been able to stop their hair loss through our method.

Our hair has a big natural enemy: an androgenic hormone, which is an altered form of Testosterone, the typical male hormone.

This hormone is called Di-hydro-testosterone, abbreviated as DHT.

Due to certain chemical reaction that I will review in a moment, Testosterone has the ability to transform into its derivative hormone, called DHT.

It has been scientifically observed that people, who have thinning hair, have an excessive amount of this hormone, which collects in their hair follicles with a devastating effect, causing a reduction in their size.

This can also effectively decrease and shut down the blood supply, making hair finer and weaker, until it is totally miniaturized.

Let me explain how testosterone transforms into DHT, so that you can understand how our natural method reduces the excessive amounts on the scalp.

At the level of the follicle cells, an enzyme called 5 Alpha Reductase combines with testosterone, transforming it into DHT.5 Alpha Reductase

There are two types of this enzyme:

  1. type one, located mainly in the sebaceous glands, and
  2. type two, located instead inside the follicles.

This hormone attaches itself to the follicle and starts to erode it, day after day, making it smaller and smaller.

Eventually the follicle stops producing new hair and goes into a comatose state called “dormant”, which means, “sleeping.”

Studies on DHT and its aggressiveness against the hair have been going on for years, and this hormone has been in some way demonized, just for this unfriendly characteristic towards the follicles.

However, aside from the damage it can cause to your hair, this is not a malignant hormone for the body: its production and presence at a physical level are absolutely fundamental, because it is responsible for the formation and development of the sexual characteristics in men.

Its presence in the body is not only necessary, but is indispensable.

This is the substance that mainly contributes to transform a boy into an adult, virile man and to keep him that way.

I am telling you this because while trying to find a solution against baldness, new drugs have been developed along the years, which reduce the production of testosterone in the body.

Unfortunately, the use of these drugs can have devastating side effects.

If on one side, it is praiseworthy that modern science has gone so far to help those who have this problem, on the other side it is a shame that those who have developed these products have not realized that the DHT amount should be reduced only in the scalp, and not in the whole body.

Sadly, some of these medicines do not distinguish between DHT present in the different parts of the body, and DHT situated in the hair follicles.

This can prevent its secretion in every part of the body, in an unpredictable way.

It is easy to guess the disastrous consequences, of altering the production of such an important hormone, especially one that is in charge of the formation of the primary characteristic features in men.

The side effects include loss of sexual appetite, erection problems, impotence, and in a few cases, development of female breast on a male body.

These are only a few of the terrible secondary effects derived from using these drugs.

You may be familiar with a couple of them, named Propecia or Finasteride.

This risk is after all, clearly indicated in the package leaflets.

Besides, to stop completely baldness, it is not enough to eliminate DHT.

You must also re-establish the necessary micro blood circulation; therefore, the results given with this medicine are in any case varied and unstable.

Take finasteride at your own risk. Our program (see video to the right) has no sides, whatsoever
Take finasteride at your own risk. Our program (see video to the right) has no sides whatsoever.

In addition, even if it is working, it is necessary to continue using it for the rest of your life.

Buying a new supply every month, only to maintain the result: a yearly cost of more than 700 dollars: definitely too much for these times of economic instability.

However, if you stop using it, your hair will start to fall out again almost immediately, and in a short time every bit of progress you made is lost.

You will practically become a slave to a pill.

You can find the proof of what I am telling you in the downloadable pdf below this video. And here we come to a crossroads.

If there is an excess amount of DHT in the scalp, this will inevitably affect the capillary follicles.

Because of this, no other product will work.

Until this hormone is put under control, it will do contribute to your follicles destruction.

Therefore, you should drastically reduce or eliminate it from your scalp, if you want to have any hope of saving your hair.

At the same time, taking these anti DHT drugs is comparably risky, as there is the possibility that you could become impotent or develop feminine breasts… and in that case, it is definitely better to go bald.

In one of the two downloadable pdfs related to this video, you will find the proof about the side effects of these drugs, so make sure to read it carefully.

Let us have a look instead, at the natural solution we use at to eliminate the excessive amount of DHT from the scalp, and only from the scalp, to reconvert it into testosterone.

In the course of the research that brought me to the development of the Full program, I started to study the relationship between enzymes and the way they interact with the hormonal changes of our body.

There is a specific enzyme, which transforms testosterone into its derived hormone called DHT, as we saw earlier during this video.

I was sure that the solution could be found right there, in the field of enzymes.

Therefore, I became interested in the studies of a group of American biologists who had led some advanced studies about an enzyme that is almost impossible to pronounce: the 3 alpha-hydro xysteroid de-hydrogenase.

They discovered that this enzyme, which is produced in the liver, and found in the skeletal and voluntary muscles, has the astonishing and unique ability to reconvert DHT into testosterone through the active use of the voluntary muscles.

I am going to repeat this point as it is of fundamental importance:

according to their studies, DHT is dissolvable and eliminated with the skeletal or voluntary muscles, which include those of the head and the face.

You can even find this information in the Wikipedia page dedicated to DHT:

 Scrolling down to the section called “DHT and muscle growth” you can read that

There is a connection between the thinning of your hair and the head and face muscles.
There is a connection between the thinning of your hair and the head and face muscles.

DHT has been shown to be deactivated in skeletal muscle through the actions of 3-alpha hydro-xysteroid de-hydrogenase”.

 This is just one more item of proof that the findings about the DHT conversion back to testosterone are actually true.

That was an astonishing discovery, and its potential application towards developing a natural treatment that could be used by both sexes to efficiently stop hair loss, without the dangerous side effects of anti-DHT drugs and other hair loss products, is phenomenal.

In addition, this research provided me with a highly scientific explanation of the reason why I had been successful in stopping my own hair loss with the method that I had discovered years before.

In fact, by that time I read about this study, I had already understood that there was a close relationship between the muscles of the head (shown in this image on the left) and hair loss.

Our natural method was pretty much complete, I had already stopped the thinning of my hair, and the same results were being obtained by those who were strictly following my instructions.

In the early ‘90s, I studied deeply the factors connected with the blood circulation in our body and in specific portions of the upper area of the head, and I knew that a vasodilatation of the capillaries and blood vessels was going to be necessary in those areas where baldness occurs.

The active use of the head muscles, and some specific contractions performed according to well-defined techniques, combined with a particular schedule was one of the main techniques I used to obtain the result of re-establishing the vital blood flow in those areas and stop my hair from completely falling out.

I had observed how hair loss did not occur in the area above the neck and the ears, regardless of the age, as we saw in the first video.

I knew somehow that the secret to beat hair loss forever was right there.

In those areas, there were specific conditions, which allowed the hair to be immune to the first two main enemies of follicle health.

Those conditions are influenced by the fact that muscles in the area over the neck and ears can remain active for most of the day, as you can clearly see in the video of this man to the left, and this contributes to:

One: keeping the blood circulation at an optimal level and

Two: deactivating DHT, as we have just seen, through the production of the enzyme, that is able to reconvert it into testosterone.

This was the first solid and scientific principle of our natural anti hair loss treatment, but there is another important study, which is part of the precise scientific background our program is based upon.

Also this research is related to the formation of DHT, and will make you understand why I stress so much about the importance of having good blood circulation, and proper vasodilation of capillaries.

Dr. Brian J. Freund of Crown Institute, Pickering, Ontario – Canada, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery section, states in his study called “Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness with Botulinum Toxin that, and I quote:

 “The enzymatic conversion of testosterone to DHT is oxygen dependent.

 In low-oxygen environments, the conversion of testosterone to
di-hydro-testosterone is favoured, whereas in high-oxygen environments, more testosterone is converted to estradiol
” which is a female sex hormone, not aggressive for the hair follicles.

In other words, in the areas above the neck and ears, the tissues benefit from a constant oxygenation, thanks to the regular movements of the auricular muscles, the neck muscles, and the jaw muscles.

Because of this constant muscle activity, the flow of blood that actually reaches those areas stays regular, and the consequent extensive tissue oxygenation prevents the conversion and accumulation of the strongest and most aggressive form of DHT, the type two, which is found in the follicles.

In the upper part of the head, the blood flow has a constant tendency to decrease in people whose hair is falling out.

These results are currently being observed and measured in many different scientific labs.

As the muscle activity decreases, the scalp depth gets thinner and thinner, and as less blood reaches the follicles, hair begins to fall out.

In such conditions, the hair follicles strive to stay alive, because great quantities of DHT are being produced, and this hormone encounters no obstacles whatsoever in destroying them one by one.

The hair follicle energy level begins to decrease more and more when they are not being sufficiently nourished, and their primary source of energy is missing.

In fact, follicles get their strength from the reaction between oxygen and glucose, which gives energy and vigor to the cells.

Sadly, at this point, the oxygenation of the tissues is so low that this reaction cannot happen in sufficient quantity.

To make things even worse, the DHT produced in this low oxygen environment can irritate the sebaceous glands, triggering the production of sebum, which is rich in the first type of DHT.

Do not be surprised if most of the anti-hair loss products you used before, did not deliver good or stable results.

They really couldn’t, with such conditions being present.

If you really want to do something effective, you must:

  • Re-establish the blood flow,
  • Enlarge the blood vessels and,
  • Open and keep open the capillaries,

which let the blood through and to the
hair follicles.

Keeping the capillaries open means you must completely resolve the condition that caused them to contract and shrink in the upper part of the scalp.

This is the main benefit you can experience with the use of our natural treatment.
We are not interested in a momentary stop of the thinning process, which can be created through a temporary reopening of the blood vessels.

What our method does is open them up, and create enduring conditions that can assure, from that moment on, the right oxygenation and nourishment of the follicles.

Of course, as I showed you previously in this video, you need to prevent further conversions of testosterone into DHT, at the same time deactivating the amounts of this aggressive hormone, which have already formed.

This must be done in accordance with all the actions related to the care and the hygiene of the external part of the scalp, as laid out in the third video of this free series, which you will receive in a few days.

Only then, will you be really contrasting your receding hairline and the general thinning of your hair.

Any other treatment or product you may be using will finally be effective and give you results since your hair loss will have lost the foundations on which it was built.

Let me tell now you how my personal hair loss story began, and why I started my research into this field.It all began around the end of 1991, when my hair started to thin visibly, and I was afraid to end up just like my father, who has lost his hair in his early twenties.

But I had no intention to become bald myself.

At that time, I had long hair as you can see in the photo of me in the early ‘90s, and I loved it.

When I realized that my hair loss was excessive, I bought several treatments in the form of lotions, pills and phials, but none of these gave the results I expected.

I had to do something effective fast.

I thought I was still too young to go bald.

Then my thoughts turned mainly to the embarrassment I would have in social circumstances or even worse… going out with a girl.

No… this could not happen!

 I had to do something quickly!

I started to read and study avidly every single article, book, medical magazine, and encyclopedia looking for the solution to hair loss.

I found all the material I could grab that had to do with baldness, particularly if it dealt with the blood circulation in the bodies extremities.

I knew blood met various obstacles and sometimes had difficulty arriving.

One day, studying some fundamental notions of human anatomy, I read that in conditions of rest, the muscular tissues have a relatively low blood flow, while during physical exercise this flow percentage raises, because of the vasodilatation in the affected muscle groups.

This is quite an obvious thing and easily verifiable by anyone.

Exercise increases the dimensions of the blood vessels, and blood circulates more easily just in those body tissues of the muscular work.

I wondered whether it would be possible to obtain the same result on the scalp, using the muscular groups we have on the upper part of our head.

Among these, I want to mention in particular the “frontal-occipital muscle,” in its two parts;

The anterior and the posterior,

 The muscular fascia called “Galea” uniting the two parts of this muscle.

Again, here is the posterior part of the occipital-frontal muscle, that you can see better here as indicated by the red arrows.

I spent months trying to find a way to dilate the blood vessels in my scalp and reestablish the circulation in the areas of my scalp where the hair loss was extending.

It was a desperate attempt to save my hair.

Finally, after using various systems and attempting different tests, it seemed I had taken off in the right direction thanks to my studies on the blood flow in the peripheral areas of our body and particularly on the surface of the head.

Little by little, I discovered a whole series of techniques to dilate the capillaries in strategic areas of my scalp where the micro blood circulation was almost entirely blocked.

What happened in the next few weeks by using these techniques is something incredible.

Day after day, I felt the skin of my scalp detaching itself from the underlying skull bones and when I was exercising, I was feeling a pleasant sensation of warmth in the underlying strata of the scalp.

I perceived that something was happening to the dying follicles of my hair, as if they were progressively waking up again from the semi-coma state they had fallen into in the previous months.

The blood circulation was finally being restored…and that is why I could feel that sensation of warmth.

There is an anatomical mechanism that has to do with the blood flow to the peripheral areas of the body, and until this particular factor is put into action, blood will keep on avoiding those areas.

Understanding this element, and how it works, was instrumental in stopping my hair loss.

I was also finding less and less hair on my pillow in the morning and on my university books, around which I used to spend most of my day, ironically worrying about my hair.

It seemed almost impossible that my hair loss might actually stop.

Everybody told me that defeating baldness was impossible once the process had started.

They told me it was a hereditary condition, and that I would become bald just like my father.

Statistics were actually on their side.

My old man lost his hair at age 23 and I saw a great quantity of bald people in my country, on the streets of the cities and on TV.

All those comb overs to mask the bald sports on their heads, including those of rich and famous celebs, when they could afford the best treatments, meant to me that a definitive solution had not been found yet, or at least solving the problem for good was certainly not that simple.

However, I had no intention of ending up that way, and since my impression was that my baldness was slowing down and, in any case, no other treatment had worked with me despite all the money spent, I went on doing the daily exercises.

After about a month and a half my hair became so strong and healthy that I had problems picking one off.

The excessive thinning seemed to have stopped, and this time it was not just an impression.

I was obviously very excited: finding a hair on the pillow had suddenly become a rarity.

I remember that the roots of the hairs that were previously falling out were long, a bit more than one millimeter and were completely arid and dry.

I removed one single hair shaft to see if the root was any different…well, it was at least 3-4 millimeters long, and it appeared healthy and vigorous…and this happened because I have finally learned how to fight DHT naturally!

On that day, I realized that the human body has a wonderful ability to self-repair when the conditions are right for it to do so, and what was happening to me was the irrefutable proof of this.

I will never forget the huge feeling of relief I felt when I realized I would not become bald.

At the time, I could hardly believe that those techniques were not only reactivating the blood circulation on my scalp and in the peripheral areas of the head surface, but at the same time they were also completely deactivating the DHT from the follicles of my scalp as I showed you earlier in this video.

Rehabilitating the muscular functions in the upper area of the head, and reactivating the secret anatomical mechanism connected with the blood flow, allowed me to get rid of the two main causes of baldness at the same time.

No one has ever done more research about defeating baldness in such a natural direction, documenting and proving the scientific validity of the method, as we have done here at

I am sure as well that the Big Pharma knows this type of information but it is obviously against us diffusing it.

It would definitely not like that, on the basis of this knowledge, a natural method to stop baldness permanently would be developed, preventing people from becoming like slaves, forced to buy their products, pills and phials, month after month.

Think about how much money they would lose.

It is a sad day for them, because, this method is already complete.

 The amount of available treatments nowadays in pharmacies, in herbal shops or online is simply ridiculous, with more and more products being created all the time.

Every time a new molecule or compound has been revealed, studies on mice are created, and new lotions are developed.

In my opinion, they are very confusing and ridiculous… they do not focus on the two really important and fundamental points to stop hair loss!

Don’t forget either that there is a third aspect that needs to be taken care of, in order to stop hair loss which will be discussed thoroughly in the third video of this series.

Ok, in the first video lesson, I offered to explore the issue of blood circulation.
This includes discussing why circulation decreases in the areas that are at risk for baldness.

Let us have a look at how this occurs; analyzing what happens when blood, carried by arteries and small arteries, reaches the peripheral areas of the body, where it comes in direct contact with the tissues through the capillaries.

As we are talking about hair, let us take into consideration the capillaries in the upper part of the head.

The real point of origin of the capillaries is composed of small rings of muscular fibers, called “precapillary sphincters.”

These muscular rings surround the real capillary, and work as a valve regulating the blood flow entering the peripheral tissues of the body, where the microcirculation occurs.

Therefore, they allow the blood to flow inside the follicle.

If these muscular rings contract, the blood flow avoids those specific tissues and moves back to the heart.

On the contrary, when they are relaxed or open, the blood can flow inside the follicles, and from there it can reach the roots.

Relaxed and open pre-capillary sphincters are observable in people with strong and healthy hair.

In the scalp of people who are losing hair, you can be sure that these small valves have contracted, and blood is not flowing into the follicles.

It is likely that this is happening to you, on your scalp, right now.

Obviously, if this situation prolongs over time, it will bring about a great weakening of the hair in general and its gradual thinning.

It is just as if the owner of a field is caught desperately struggling to water the plants of the coming crop which are highly weakened by lack of rain, and a duct, invisible to him, is continuously diverting the water in another direction, preventing it from reaching the plant’s roots.

Unless this secret duct is eliminated, the plants will go on drying in equal proportion to the amount of water their roots are not receiving.

Only when the water starts to flow freely again along the irrigation ducts, can the crop be saved.

That is if it is not already too late.

Believe me; this comparison fits perfectly with the hair condition of a person who is going bald.

When hair loss is excessive, the pre-capillary sphincters are partially or totally closed and keeping blood from reaching the roots.

That is how hair starts to thin and dry out… just like the plants of our farmer.

By the law of physics, heat dilates tissues, while cold makes them contract.

This means that the longer these muscular valves remain contracted, the lower will be the amount of blood reaching those areas, with disastrous consequences for the hair.

 The problem encountered in many treatments today is that they can create vasodilatation, but they are not able to maintain it.

They cannot establish a stable condition where, from that moment on, blood circulation can and will stay at an acceptable level and the hair can go on constantly receiving enough nourishment.

Sometimes they are able to stop hair loss temporarily, but if you stop using that product, the hair starts to fall out again.

It is not useful to reestablish the blood circulation and stop DHT for only a moment.

These problems have to be eliminated permanently.

Without doing this the hair will start to fall out again.

A comprehensive study on the blood circulation issues and all the interconnected factors related to DHT, including the role of the voluntary muscles in all this, has allowed us to develop techniques that, when correctly applied, help create the dilatation of the pre-capillary sphincters, reestablishing a permanent blood flow into the follicles and thus stopping hair loss.

The real progress we have made at has been finding out the real causes that create such conditions for hair, and the consequent creation and development of a natural treatment that eliminates those elements that cause the contraction of the capillaries in the first place.

Do not believe in the hype of the different hair loss products you see advertised.

Look at their real results.

If you are still losing hair, you know that what you have used so far didn’t work.

You don’t need anybody else to come and prove this to you!

Have a look at the amount of bald people or people who are losing their hair in the streets, on TV or in your everyday life, including yourself of course.

That is the last proof that these products do not stop permanently hair loss, despite their multi million dollars research.

If hair loss does not stop permanently, these products are useless!

The full program has been created just to put an end to this huge farce and to really help people do something effective, and most importantly, permanent.

In the course of the program, I can assure you that not only will you understand how to reopen the pre-capillary blood vessels allowing the nourishment carried by the blood to reach the hair, but you will also learn how to keep them open from that moment on, preventing hair loss from occurring again.

This way you will be able to bring your hair out of a dangerous condition.

At the end of 2009, I codified all the discoveries made in almost two decades, and never published before, and a few years ago with some close coworkers, I released the first version of the Full Program.

It contains the discoveries made in this field with several videos where we teach the theory and practical application of our method.

The results and the feedback we have received have been simply amazing!

Among several testimonials we received, I remember in particular one that I got from a Greek woman living in South Africa, named Lucy.

This woman wrote to me saying she had just seen a video on our YouTube channel that we opened when we first started.

She wanted to know when we released the first version of the full program, and she was very interested.

She told me that she had been trying, for years, to stop the progressive thinning of her hair and that, despite being well over sixty; she still wanted to take good care of her looks.

After getting into the program, she told me that none of the specialists she had visited had ever explained to her the hair loss issue like we had, and so she was looking forward to starting.

After about three weeks, she wrote to me again, enthusiastic, telling me that her scalp had a much better appearance and definitely seemed healthier than before.

Yet the unbelievable thing to her was that she was used to finding a lot of hair on the floor of her bathroom, and now it was difficult to find one, even kneeling down to look.

She could not stop thanking us for finally putting an end to the hair thinning which, for a woman, can be even more distressful than for a man.

Since the origin of humankind, long and thick hair has meant beauty, appeal, attraction, and femininity.

Unfortunately, many women also have issues with hair loss, just like men.

Even if the patterns of female baldness are different from the male, there are more and more women affected by excessive hair thinning every day.

It is evident that the stress of our daily lives increases the production of testosterone in their bodies, consequently creating more DHT, and follicles eventually become unwell.

In addition, as you will find out, stress greatly influences the production of sebum.I want to remind you that sebum has a high concentration of DHT and if this is of surplus in the scalp so it is very damaging.

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    1. I answered to this question in customer service some time ago. I paste here my old answer: Yes it can.

      In order to make you really understand what you can achieve with the use of our natural program, have a look at this picture:

      This is the sequence that the hair follicles follow when your scalp blood circulation goes down, and the DHT hormone begins to destroy your hair follicles.

      When your hair is healthy and strong, it is a type VI hair, like the one you see to the left.

      Once baldness kicks in, your hair starts to become finer and finer, falling out and growing each time smaller, until all is left is a bunch of small and fine hair, called “vellus” which is the last type of hair, to the right of the picture.

      With the use of the Full Program, we can help take a type III or type IV hair, and bring it back to the state of an adult hair.

      This type of hair will not fall out to regrow smaller, but it will stay strong and healthy, and when it will come out, it will be promptly replaced by a new hair.

      That is the result you can get with the proper and correct use of the method of the Full Program.

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      There have been people who were able to regrow lost hair (some partially, some completely) with the use of our program, but what we can promise, for now, is the full stop of the thinning process.

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      • Give back the hair follicles their health and

      • Stop hair loss (if you want to regrow your hair, you MUST first prevent more
      hair from falling out.

      In order to promote total regrowth, once the hair fall has stopped, it can be used a laser program TOGETHER with ours.

      It is possible to regrow hair to, with a combination of the full program with a hair regrowth lotion or serum (there are many on the market).

      But the full program, making the hair follicles healthy again, is a good guarantee that the hair will stay on your head!

      is possible to regrow hair to, with a combination of the full program with a hair regrowth lotion or serum (there are many on the market).

      But the full program, making the hair follicles healthy again, is a good guarantee that the hair will stay on your head!

      In short, the first step vs regrowth is to stop hair loss – and this you
      can achieve with the full program.

      The second step is to make your scalp healthy again – and this can also be achieved with our method.

      Third is to stimulate new growth and our program can also help in that as it boosts the “functions” of other hair growth
      products like this:

      or this

      These products (or other similar products) will work better used together with our own treatment.

      Best regards,
      Giampaolo Floris,

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  10. Sir, this is really a nice information. But i read and also watch video 1-3 i hvnt seen d exercise to do n get d blood flowing on my upper scalp as u said. Pls i need to of what to do,
    pls sir help me my hair is so thining at d frontal am jus 22yr old,thanks.

    1. Hello Silas I checked your email address

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