How to cure folliculitis and decrease hair loss

How to cure folliculitis and decrease hair loss
How to cure folliculitis and decrease hair loss: find out in this post what to do if you have this condition and how you can treat it.

Folliculitis is a condition of the skin that consists in an infection of the hair follicles – the small sac from which the hair develops – and it is caused by fungus or bacteria.

This condition can appear anywhere in the body (in fact other names for it are beard rash – bikini rash etc), but the most common parts on which it can develop are the neck, the scalp, the face and in general areas where our clothes rub against the body.

There are several possible solutions available in the market today to treat this condition (that often triggers hair loss) but if you really want to get rid of it permanently, that solution should quickly kill the fungus or the bacteria that has caused the inflammation in the first place.

One of the best products that here at we know are effective in treating this condition is a groundbreaking modern homeopathic treatment called EMUAID®.

This product is made of natural healing ingredients and grow factors that are engineered to soothe the irritations, reduce the inflammation and fight the infections, killing the fungus or the bacteria that are responsible for its formation.

Many people report great improvements in the condition of their skin within only 48 hours.

Our skin, in different parts of our body, can get damaged for different reasons.

On the scalp this can be the effect of aggressive shampoos which trigger the extra production of sebum and dandruff, increasing the possibility of hair thinning and a progressive baldness.

Cure folliculitis to prevent hair fall

Anytime our skin is somehow damaged, there is a risk of infection, and the use of EMUAID®
not only stimulates blood flow (which as we know is very needed to fight infections, decrease ad stop hair loss) to promote the growth of new cells, but also it prevents scar tissues from forming.

From the moment this product is applied to the skin, it begins immediately to attack the root of the  folliculitis infection, fighting the bacteria and soothing your skin with its homeopathic ingredients that provide immediate relief, eliminating pain and discomfort.

This outstanding product does not contain aggressive chemicals and doesn’t have any dangerous side effects, and if you are trying to stop your hair loss, and at the same time you have a folliculitis condition on your scalp, I recommend to use it, in conjunction with the our natural baldness treatment, the Full Program (see the intro videos at

Article by Giampaolo Floris