How to avoid male hair loss (MPB)

how to avoid baldnessIn this world, there are hundreds of ways to try to avoid male hair loss, and if you are one of the 70% of men who is suffering from it, well in this post I will talk about some unusual treatments for MPB.

When I was going bald myself, I was pretty desperate, so I am pretty sure you want to stop it and possibly, reverse it, right?

May be you have tried Minox, Propecia, Rogaine and other products with no results…

May be you used special shampoos hoping they would save your dying follicles from your folliculitis, and seborrheic dermatitis.

But your hair just kept thinning and thinning.

So why not trying something new, alternative and natural? (Remember that our first choice is always the mighty Full Program).

Some natural hair loss treatments

Get some mustard oil, pour it into a cup and boil it with 4 tablespoons of henna leaves (I have written other posts in this blog about this natural treatment), let cool down and then massage with it the balding zones of your head.

Another one: get some honey, boiled wheat, beer and create a paste with it.

Now find a virgin (difficult task these days, I know… lol), and ask her to apply the paste to your head, massaging it.

Another one, even better? Remember the Vikings with long and strong hair?

What was their secret??

Well, I think aggressive shampoos had not been invented that time, and I guess their diet was definitely healthier than ours (McDonalds didn’t exist either!), but their real secret seems to be rubbing goose droppings on their head at least twice a week: you may wanna try it yourself!!

Well, there are some works around that state that even using cows feces and pig urine as topical excrements may work as a topical solution.

My opinion? Better go bald 🙂

There are actually places in the world, even clinics, where the most weird hair loss solutions are tried.

In any case, why not?? I mean the “best” products in the world that you tried… did they deliver any serious results??

For sure, when people understand that sopping hair loss is not such an impossible thing, when the right action are performed, then they stop thinking about these crazy solutions!

·         Vasodilation of the capillaries and

·         Natural DHT deactivation

These are the two most important actions that you can and should, do to avoid male hair loss and even female pattern baldness, in most cases.

You can achieve these results with the use of our program, and you should really take this as a responsibility towards yourself and your self esteem: a full head of healthy and strong hair is often associated with youth, virility and strength.

You won’t believe that many people, when faced with hair loss, suffer from strong social withdrawal, frustration and in rare cases, even suicide.

Now, hopefully this is not your case, but if you would experience the incredible relief that one can try, when hair stops thinning, then you would know how wonderful it can feel.

Often it’s not just about looks, but also a feeling of being mortal, and loss of control, and most guys they would be just about anything to avoid male hair loss.

When I personally (Giampaolo Floris) started to lose hair, I totally panicked, and I was afraid not only to end up just like my father, but also to become unsuccessful with girls.

During an experiment conducted in the U.K. Where two different profiles of men were uploaded to an online dating site, the profile belonging to the man with thick hair received almost 5 times as many responses from girls, compared to the other profile (who belonged to a bald man).

So I was right! Actually the girl that I am dating at the moment, a very sweet Hungarian girl, prefers me (I have thick hair, thanks to my program) to other bald guys she had in the past.

Other unusual hair fall solutionsUnusual hair loss solutions

  • Did you try hanging upside down with gravity boots, after taking the vitamin called “Niacin” to increase blood flow?
  • Or even better, rubbing cayenne pepper on the scalp to reactivate the micro blood circulation?

If none of the solutions mentioned in this post worked to avoid hair fall, then you should definitely subscribe and see our 4 intro videos to our natural anti baldness program.

Before you learn how to keep your hair, you need to really grasp the reasons why you’re losing it, and in our 4 intro video course you will learn just that!