How to avoid hair loss during chemotherapy.

How to avoid hair loss during chemotherapy.
How to avoid hair loss during chemotherapy. Read everything in this post!

Unfortunately, many cancer patient experience severe hair loss while under chemotherapy, and until today it looked like there was no way to avoid such a terrible side effect.

There is though a revolutionary treatment that has just been invented that, according to its inventors, will prevent hair loss in people undergoing chemotherapy.

It is being currently tested in some patients, who after weeks of chemo, report they have not been suffering from any type of hair loss whatsoever.

It is already a big source of trouble and worry to know one has cancer, but if on top of it, one begins also going bald, well the sorrow can become unbearable.

Hair loss for cancer patients undergoing chemo happens in the same fashion both for men and women, but an invention called Penguin Cold Cap, looks like it’s there to help.

This cap consists in an ice-pack hold at a temperature of  -30°, that fit over the patient’s head before, during and after chemo sessions.

The cold and the gel are kept against the scalp, and basically the role of the cap is to protect the follicles from chemo drugs.

The cap prevents China from reaching the hair follicles, and it has shown some good results in a few patients who tried it during their sessions.

For sure helps a general positive attitude towards life a lot in the process of healing, but to be able to protect oneself from the devastating effects of chemotherapy on your follicles, is definitely a great help.

The Penguin cap is not yet FDA approved, and it can be rented for $500 a month, but it looks like it’s worth the price, according to the testimonials of the patients who used it.

In general, if you have a hair loss problem, whether or not you are under chemo, the use of our natural anti baldness program (the Full Program) can help you give back to your follicles their health and strength.

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