How to use sesame oil for hair loss

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How sesame oil can help you prevent hair loss
How sesame oil can help you prevent hair loss: read how in this post. This fantastic oil with lots of benefits for the hair, can be used together with our natural program to stop baldness.

Not many people now that sesame oil can be used as a treatment for hair growth, and it is actually one of the best herbs for hair treatment and you can actually learn how to use sesame oil for hair loss.

This oil is extracted from the sesamum flower and it is very nourishing and healing, in fact, is enriched with vitamin E, B, the B complex vitamins, and contains different minerals such as calcium, magnesium, proteins and even phosphorus, and this is the reason why it works great for scalp and hair growth, and can strengthen the hair roots giving deep nourishment.



In this post I will analyze some of the best ways that sesame oil can be used, and the benefits of its use on your hair:

Less hair thinning with the proper use of sesame oil

1-      This oil is a natural sunscreen, and applied on your hair and scalp, prevents the damages caused by ultraviolet rays, forming a protective coat around the hair, and protecting from the aggression of elements and pollution.

2-      It has a very high penetration and can increase scalp circulation, which as we know is very important for the health of the follicles.

3-      It can be even used to treat head lice by massaging regularly the head with it, it has a powerful antibacterial and anti fungal quality.

4-      Sesame oil soothes and calms the tissues, acting as a coolant, and working from within the hair follicle moisturing and preventing dryness.

5-      It can be used as anti dandruff: massage it into the scalp with your fingertips and leave it all night, rinsing it away in the morning with an organic shampoo. Dandruff will disappear soon.

6-      Sesame oil is good also for deep conditioning: warm it and mix it with a deep conditioner, applying it on the hair and leaving it for 40 minutes to one hour.
This oil will nourish the scalp, control dryness which is caused by a lack of hydrating foods and not enough liquids in your diet.

7-      If you massage it on your scalp, it can control flakiness, and in this way it can be a very good prevention against hair loss, improving the texture and the physical condition f the scalp, and reducing tightness which, as you will see in the intro videos of the Full Program to stop hair loss, is a major point in treating hair loss. If you learn how to use sesame oil for hair loss, you will still get the best results, use it together with our natural baldness treatment (see the intro videos visiting ).

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