How PRP can help you stop hair loss

How PRP can help you stop hair loss
How PRP can help you stop hair loss: read everything in this post

The PRP hair loss treatment or therapy (it stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a procedure that involves drawing out your own blood and centrifuging so that in the tube the doctors performing it can collect the plasma with the platelets.

This plasma that is now isolated is rich in platelets and growth factors, and it has been used by a specific branch of medicine, in tissue regeneration and fast healing of wounds.


This procedure can be used in different parts of the body and it is pretty much the same as the so called “vampire facelift”, a procedure which is performed on the face to reduce acne scars and wrinkles.

How the hair loss treatment PRP works

When the hair loss treatment PRP is used on the scalp, then the plasma gets injected or rubbed on the head skin, but only after that a dermaroller treatment has been performed in the areas which suffer from hair thinning.

Hair loss patients, those who suffer from male pattern baldness and women with female hair loss can all benefit from this treatment.

PRP requires about 8 sessions, and it is best to have them each two weeks apart.

Along with it, you may take other hair loss products and of course we recommend that you get rid of the three main enemies of the health of your hair follicles with the use of our Endhairloss Full Program.

You can also alternate Prp with cell stem therapy, a combination that could give you good results, especially if, as we just said, if you get rid of the main enemies of your hair.

PRP promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles, which are still productive, and doesn’t have any reported side effect, because it involves using your own blood which is naturally very compatible with your own health.

Reinforcing your hair follicles with adult stem cells

As I said, in trying to restore your hair, PRP gets injected into the balding areas of the scalp.

Its use and application causes miniaturized hair follicles to become larger, to start producing more strong hair growth, and to be healthier in general.

It activates the progenitor cells of the follicles, also called adult stem cells, because it is charged with growth factors that encourage localized cell growth.

PRP also promotes quick angiogenesis.

This hair loss treatment, can be functional for both male and female pattern hair loss and it has also regrown hair in other alopecia areas and eyebrow hypotrichosis.

Recovering from a PRP session is normally painless, as pain is usually easily managed in with analgesic medications, the type which is non-narcotic.

Some light swelling of the forehead can sometimes be seen about 4-6 hours after a session, but the situation goes back to normal after 48 hours, and it is best to avoid physical hard work, until the swelling is resolved.

A PRP session takes about 80 minutes.

New hair growth can be seen during the following 6-8 weeks but when it happens, it is more evident after 4-5 months and can continue to improve in the following months.

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