How argan oil can help you with your hair loss

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How argan oil can help you with your hair loss
How argan oil can help you with your hair loss? Find out in this post!

Hair loss affects unfortunately many men and women around the world each year, and argan oil is one of the best oils that you can use to prevent or try to slow down this process.

This is a natural oil that has been proven to be often effective when applied consistently.

This precious oil contains many vitamins and nutrients, and these components help improve the micro blood circulation to the scalp, making your hair sensibly stronger.

Even if you don’t have any hair loss problem, this oil will still improve a lot the condition of your hair, strengthening the hair follicles, and reducing the damages created by the wind, the sun and the chemicals contained in the aggressive shampoos sold today.

Argan oil can even help you decrease or eliminate completely the dandruff, reducing the likelihood of experiencing baldness.

Dandruff usually isn’t considered a major problem.

Another great benefit that you can have from using this oil is to be able to remove the free radicals, so your hair feels youthful and smooth, and recovers quickly from the damage created by everyday activities, exposition to the sun and the heat which can create a condition called “folliculitis”.

It helps also to repair damaged cells on the scalp.

This is a video about argan oil and hair loss from our official you tube channel:

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Argan oil can stimulate hair growth and help diminish hair loss

Argan oil can even stimulate new hair growth by promoting the production of vitamin E on the scalp, and making it more elastic, and apt to produce new hair when the old ones fall out due to a natural change.

Applying some Argan oil to the scalp can even help to balance the hormones, and we know how this can be important for the health of the hair, and our body in general.

Together with emu oil, argan is one of those oils that here at most recommend to use together with our natural anti hair loss program.


Article by Giampaolo Floris

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