Hair loss in several languages

Hey it’s Giampaolo Floris here, the founder of and the Full Program to stop hair loss naturally.

In 2009 I decided to release the very first version of my studies I the subject of hair loss, with the issue of the Full Program, in pdf version.

That version contained though 9 videos where I taught the practical part of the program.

In order to support I decided to open an you tube channel, in the very beginning of 2009, and I uploaded the first video:

Then later on that year, noticing that several people were having success with the use of the
Full Program, I decided to do something a bit crazy, in order to make the anti hair loss program more known.

I have always had a big passion for languages, and I personally speak fluently 6 languages.

Plus, there is a bunch of other languages that I speak, say 30 or40%.

So I decided to record 10 videos, where I presented the method to stop male pattern baldness, in 10 different languages.

Well, here they are:

Hair loss video in English:










And since this was not enough for me, I even decided to record a video where I spoke 21
languages, without any editing, one after the other.

Gosh, that was a tough project, I can tell you – also because I dont speak 21 languages and I just learned to say sentences in languages that I really dont master, but still it was very tough.

The project helped the Full Program to stop hair loss naturally to be more known by people from all over the world, and helped us going:

In the beginning of this year (2014) we have released the 3.0 version of our anti baldness program:
Anti baldness program

and we are very happy of the results.

All the theory is now in form of easy to understand videos, and people who are going through the program are really satisfied.

You can watch the 4 introduction videos joining our mailing list at