The relation between hair loss and diabetes

hair loss and diabetes
Learn in this post how to deal with hair loss and diabetes.

Diabetes is a curse of the modern society rich with stress, worries, sedentary lifestyle and fast food.

Often this disease can be connected with hair thinning fragile hair, unhealthy locks and severe balding.

People who suffer from it are more prone than the rest of the general population to damage of the nerves, heart, other body organs and blood vessels.

Yes, blood vessels, in fact, you should know that diabetes negatively affects our body’s circulatory system.

In this way the less amount of nutrients and oxygen reach the upper and the lower extremities of the body, like the feet and the scalp areas.

Diabetes can trigger hair loss, decreasing the micro blood circulation

If diabetes is causing poor blood circulation to the scalp, the hair follicles will progressively shrink resulting in baldness.

Poor circulation may prevent further and normal hair growth.

So diabetes not only causes the loss of your existing locks, but it also prevents the growth of new hair.

It also can bring about hormonal imbalance in the human body, and such hormonal changes may be manifested through hair thinning.

In fact, this also explains the reason behind hair loss after delivery and menopause

Drugs which are used to treat diabetes may also lead to baldness and if you feel this is your case, consult your doc to get your prescription modified.

This bad disease may weaken your immune system, making it susceptible to other illnesses such as skin rashes and thyroid dysfunctions.

Diabetes may also cause high levels of oxidative stress, hence causing “old hair”.

How has diabetes influenced your hair in terms of growth or loss?

Have you noticed any changes in the condition of your hair since you have been diagnosed as being suffering from diabetes?

Changes such as progressive loss of hair, even change of color and texture, can happen when one suffers from this illness or is a diabetic.

Our Endocrine System controls cell growth as well as the functions of our glands, and this is another of the reasons why this condition may have caused or triggered the progressive loss.

Is diabetes connected to hair fall, reversible?

This is totally possible. One of the best suggestions we can give you on this, is to eliminate from your diet sodas and foods containing artificial sweeteners.

Many people report that their hair went back to normal once the proper levels of glucose were returned.

So, make sure to be in constant communication with your doctor, or any other qualified practitioner who is following you.

Some people experiment a consistent hair regrowth when their a1 c’s are finally back in the low, so that is an important point to check with your doctor.

Another smart thing you can do, to reverse hair fall, is to follow a low carb diet and possibly add some organic carbs.

Also, take a good vitamin supplement (make sure it contains the B vitamins, including Biotin.

It can take up to 8 months for hair to “cycle,” and you may see new regrowth after that time, so don’t despair, follow these actions ( always talk to your doctor before making any substantial changes o your diet) and you should see a regrowth.

One of the best solutions you can take, against hair loss, even the diabetes caused hair thinning, is to improve your micro blood circulation, and deactivate naturally the hormones enemies of your hair, such as DHT, and you can easily do this with the use of the Full Program against baldness.