Five herbal oils to prevent hair loss

Five herbal oils to prevent hair loss
Five herbal oils to prevent hair loss: read how to use them in this post.

Some of us never really provide the necessary attention and care we should dedicate to our hair, and as a natural consequence at one point we begin to suffer from some hair trouble.

When one realizes that he has begun lose hair, a frantic phase begins where all the possible solutions, natural or chemical, are tried in order to stop the noxious process of alopecia.

A very important point to remember is that the health of your hair is directly proportional to the type of nourishment you provide, but in the meanwhile that you improve your diet, there are certain oils which have nourishing properties, that you can use to protect the health of your hair.

The oils we are about to speak, can give you back healthy sheen and bounce, and help you stabilize the conditions of the hair follicles.

Almond Oil against hair thinning

Sweet almond oil is very effective when it comes to hair care, because it has an emollient and softening action.

Besides, it is rich in vitamins D, E and minerals such as magnesium and calcium, and it is a natural moisturizer, which decreases the possibility of baldness.

Almond oil also assures nutrition for your hair, making sure it says thick and strong.

Coconut Oil strenghtens weak hair

A hair care routine that involves coconut oil will make sure it stays shiny and healthy, in fact, this is one of the best oils for hair.

This oil penetrates deeply within the hair shaft and prevents your hair from losing moisture: it will be less likely to suffer damage.

Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which has a natural action against viruses, fungi and bacteria:in this way it ensures to keep the scalp free from infections.

Make sure to massage your scalp with it once a week: leave it on for about one hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Lavender oil makes the scalp infections free

This oil is known and used for its calming and relaxing properties, but it is also a valid a blood circulation booster, and has an antibacterial effect that keeps the scalp free from infections.

Take some olive oil in a bottle, drop some lavender sprigs, make sure they are submerged with the oil and then keep the mix in a dark place for twenty days to one month.

Make sure to massage a small portion of this oil into your scalp, leaving it all through the night, rinsing it off in the morning with an organic shampoo.

Olive Oil is one of the best oils for your hairs health

This is one of the best oils to nourish your hair and scalp, because it has several properties: it nourishes and penetrates the hair shaft much more than other oils, it has a good moisturizing effect and it is a perfect hair conditioner.

Make sure you use on your hair only extra virgin oil, so your hair will also receive vitamin E, and fatty acids monounsaturated: they will help promote hair growth.

This is how to use it: massage it slowly into your scalp and the hair strands all the way to the tips, and leave it up to forty-five minutes before washing it off with an organic shampoo.

Castor Oil has anti-inflammatory properties for your hair and scalp

Applied on hair this oil has an excellent hair growth properties, and can be used as an effective treatment for thinning hair.

This because it contains triglycerides of ricinoleic acid, which has an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory property.

You can also mix it with some olive oil and used on your hair just like as I have written in the section dedicated to olive oil.

Beat hair loss with these oils

These oils can be a valid  help to promote hair growth and try to slow down hair loss.

If with their use your hair is still thinning, begin using the Full Program: the best natural solution to stop baldness naturally in the market today.

Article by Giampaolo Floris