How emu oil can help you fight hair loss

How emu oil can help you fight hair loss
Read in this post how emu oil can help you fight hair loss.

Emu oil is one of those compounds that can really help you re-establish the health of your scalp and hair follicles.

Many people even report that helped them in frontal regrowth within weeks of its use.

In this post I will review the curative properties of this fantastic oil to let you better understand how it can help you fight male hair loss or even female hair loss.

This oil is obtained from the fat of a big flightless Australian bird, and the aborigines of this island have known its benefits for the skin for centuries.

A monounsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid is the largest component of emu oil, and this component is what gives this oil the incredible ability to penetrate the skin, and deliver its benefits.

This is certainly one of its most important properties, and it can be used in union with other medications because of this special penetrating ability that help enhance the potency of these topical medications, and make their effect last longer.

Emu  oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and this is the reason why it can help stimulate hair growth, reduce pain, muscle pain, stiffness in joints, and even inhibit the 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme that transforms testosterone in DHT, which is aggressive for the hair follicles.

Another important property of this oil is that it is bacteriostatic, it doesn’t have any type of side effects, and does not clog pores: hence it doesn’t cause pimples, and it is a good moisturizer, enhancing the ability of the exterior layers of the skin to hold water.

This particular characteristic, besides contributing to create a healthier scalp, is a powerful anti-aging factor that has even been demonstrated in laboratory studies at the Boston University.

Or better results, we recommend to use it in the night before going to bed, letting it work all through the night, and may be using a hat to protect the bed sheets.

This oil will work wonders for your hair, and it is 100% compatible with the Full Program to stop baldness.