Does obesity cause hair loss?

Does obesity cause hair loss?
Does obesity cause hair loss? Find the answer in this post.

Hair loss can be linked to excessive eating and obesity, even though they are not the direct causes of baldness.

Especially in men hair loss is largely a genetic condition, but with a lot of other complications involved, that alter the hair growth process.

In my travels around the world I ‘ve often seen obese or overweight women, who at the same
time showed signs of diffuse hair loss and thinning.

I’ve seen too much not to be firmly convinced that there is a close link between obesity and hair loss.

Let’s see why.

First, as it is easy to observe, who is overweight tends to lead a sedentary lifestyle, which for various reasons helps to create the conditions that trigger hair loss.

Very little exercise also means lower peripheral circulation of blood, and this can be a problem for the health of the hair follicles, but it is also true that it is a statistical fact that the obese people eat too much fatty food and especially saturated fatty acids, which are the most damaging to your hair and overall health.

So the cholesterol levels rise, the sebaceous glands get irritated because the sebum contains one of the two forms of DHT, and the hair falls out.

Another factor to consider seriously is that often who is obese, suffers also, from stress, and this factor also contributes to hair loss, as explained in the second introductory video of the  Full Program.

In addition, obesity is a condition that can cause hormonal imbalances, and we know that this can trigger the thinning of your hair.

As a solution obviously I recommend you to consult a good dietician, start eating healthy and of course completely restore blood circulation and deactivate the DHT level on the scalp, through the use of our natural program.

Stop drinking coke and eating McDonalds.

Possible help for hair loss caused by obesity comes from the Aayurveda Treatment

In the Sanskrit language, Ayurveda means the science of life, and it is a holistic way of treating which considers different factors such as a spiritual condition, lifestyle and your mental state and balance.

When done and practiced correctly, it can have much more to offer when it comes to hair fall treatment and even obesity cure, compared to traditional forms of medications ( excluding obviously our program).

In this discipline, one of the most spread and popular recognized ways to counter the loss of hair is the use of Brahmi oil.

How to use Brahmi oil to improve the health of your hair

Simply purchase Brahmi oil in your drug store, or online, part your hair, and apply 2-3 teaspoons of it into your scalp, massaging it gently for 10 minutes until complete absorption.

Use a conditioning and organic shampoo to remove the oil.

This oil and no side effects and it is very powerful.

It is recommended that you use exercises 6 to 9 of the program afterwards.

Article by Giampaolo Floris