MASTURBATION AND HAIR LOSSDoes masturbation cause hair loss?

Does masturbation cause hair loss? This is one of the most asked questions that we get in our customer service, so I will try my best to answer it in the most complete and exhaustive way.

According to different studies, at the moment of ejaculation, a higher quantity of testosterone gets converted into a DHT, a hormone which is rather aggressive for the hair follicles.

does masturbation cause hair loss and excessive thinning hair?

This hormone is known to attack and reduce the size of the hair follicles, and it is considered by science as one of the main causes of thinning hair.

Consequently, some people attribute their hair loss to the practice of masturbation, and having sex with another person.

Is this a real, legitimate and scientific cause of hair loss?

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Is it safe to keep giving yourself and your partner pleasure, without running the risk of ruining the health of your hair follicles?

Well, you are about to find out!

First of all, there is a big difference between sex and masturbation, and the way our body reacts in these two different situations.

Sex and Hair Loss

Sex is way more intimate, and can involve love, communication and the joy of giving pleasure to your partner, while masturbation is an act of self love, where normally you are alone with yourself.

sex benefits for health, sex does not cause hair loss

As I said our body reacts very differently in these two situations, and according to some trusted researchers, it seems that masturbation doesn’t have the same health benefits that sex does.

“It appears that not all orgasms are created equally,” says Tobias S. Köhler, MD, MPH, FACS an associate professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield.

Different studies show that intercourse has all sorts of benefits for men: for your blood pressure, heart and prostate health, and blood circulation.

It has also been observed that it has the ability to relieve pain and improve your sleep.

You’d think that masturbation would too, but according the professor, the makeup of the semen is different if you masturbate instead of having sex, because of the different situation involved.

Why would it make a difference whether you ejaculate during sex or alone?

Well, our body seems to respond in a different way.

So it looks like that regular sex is good for your life, your health and your relationship, and if you are losing your hair, your sex life does not have to suffer.

Masturbation and Hair Loss

Masturbation is not as safe as sex, when it comes to the health of your hair follicles, still it is not the cause of your hair loss either.

But let’s come to the scientific facts, not the hype, the urban myths and misinformation.

Studies show that when you ejaculate during masturbation a higher percentage of testosterone is converted into DHT, and a higher level of Testosterone is produced in your prostate and testicles.

ejaculation, dht and hair loss

This is true, and different scientific studies have confirmed it.

In one of these studies, published in the US national library of medicine, National institutes of health, the levels of DHT have been measured before and after masturbation.

And after masturbation, the levels of this hormone were actually increased.

You will find the link for this study in the description section below the video.

But, the fact is that most guys masturbate.

They masturbate if they’re single, in a bad relationship, or in a great relationship.

It’s just something they do that has nothing to do with their partners.

For many, it’s a routine way of relieving stress, or going to sleep.

So, while it is true that DHT levels in your body increase after masturbation, it is also true that your body will still produce this hormone, whether you masturbate or not.

Because of this, even though I am not endorsing masturbation, I can safely tell you that significantly increased levels of DHT, and enlarged prostate only happen in cases of excessive masturbation, and by excessive masturbation I mean 2 or more times a day, 7 days a week.

Excessive masturbation can also cause, poor concentration, deteriorating eyesight, mood swings, sleeping disorder, anxiety, stress and depression.

And yes, in that case, I can safely say that it can increase dramatically the DHT levels in your body, and you should keep it under control.

Even if you masturbate just once a day, 2 to 4 times a week, then you should be out of the danger zone.

Personally, I would try to reduce masturbation to the lowest level possible, but it is important to know that with that rate, you should be fine.

Another important point for you to remember is to replenish your nutrient levels, according to the frequency of your masturbation and intercourses.

In fact a few minerals such as zinc, selenium and copper are lost in significant amount during each ejaculation, and you should replenish them either through an appropriate diet, rich in these minerals, or through supplementation.

You can also check out our video called “Top 5 foods to prevent hair loss” to have more info regarding the foods containing these minerals and other vitamins, important for your hair health.

Here is the video:

Well, that’s all.

Please leave a comment below and let me know your opinion and experience on this matter, but be serious: no offensive and obscene comments.

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Thank you!
Giampaolo Floris, founder

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  1. nice informations , thank you so much, i so far from masturbation, despite im single … 🙂

    1. if you stop masturbating your hair condition will improve for sure, but will not necessarily stop falling off, as there are also other factors connected with the health of your hair – including diet, peripherical blood circulation, dht etc – decreasing masturbation definitely helps a lot though

      1. hello…sir…

        Thank you for your advices.But i have some other questions.I tell you below:

        If i stop masturbute completely and i never masturbute such as 5 month or never…..
        can it reduce my hair fall/loss …and improve my hair growth.

        And how can i get rid from this bad addiction.I mean how can i stop this feelings that my mind says to masturbute.Because it happens naturally in our body if i not masturbute for 2 days or more….how can i get rid from it?

        Please Suggest me!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. If you stop masturbating your hair condition will improve for sure, but will not necessarily stop falling off, as there are also other factors connected with the health of your hair – including diet, peripheral blood circulation, dht etc – decreasing masturbation definitely helps a lot though.

          Please see these two videos from our you tube channel about hair loss and masturbation:

          Get a girlfriend (that is my best suggestion) and see the presentation videos of our stop hair loss natural program at

    1. There are scientific studies about this subject, but anyway – you are entitled to your opinion.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am very worried because my girlfriend likes to masturbate me….what should I do?

    1. I dont know how to help you in this case, this is something you have to decide yourself – I gave you the data in the video – now that you are aware of the dangers of excessive masturbating, take your decision


  4. your article and is very interesting and I can definitely see the connection between increased dht levels and hair loss. My question is if I am having sex with my girlfriend in missionary position but before I reach climax I withdraw and then begin to masturbate myself (only three or four strokes) so I can ejaculate on her face, will this fall into the masturbation or sex category?

    I have read through your site and am keen to order the help guide but would really like clarification on this point.

    Many thanks


  6. ok so I took your advise step by step:

    1. I got rid of all my porno mags
    2. I disconnected my internet so I couldn’t look at all those porno sites
    3. I went on craigslist and found me a girlfriend
    4. I told her that I couldn’t wack off anymore or my hair follicles that a predisposed to MPB will rapidly miniaturize to a velus state and then eventually cease to grow at all
    5. I explained that every time I lube up and start stroking a huge amount of DHT is released directly to my hair follicles. So if she didn’t want me to be a baldy she would have to relieve me.
    6. Of course she questioned the logic of this as the action of ejaculating whether it me manual or through “love making” is exactly the same.
    7. I was confused and showed her your website. I couldn’t believe it but shed said this is a SCAM!!!!!
    8. Horrified that she would say something about a site that I have come to rely on, I immediately dumped her
    9. Felt great about it….but sure enough 10 minutes later I’m masturbating alone and my hair is falling out all over the place
    10. I’m going to trying using emu oil as a lubricant, as I am hoping it might negate hair loss implications to beating one out

    1. Hello Steve, points 1 to 5 are ok! Point 6: I understand her point of view, but there are scientific studies about the difference between masturbation and love making. There are links in the video description of you tube. You decide, by what you read, and our contents if we are a scam or not. I suggest you to make love to her and stop masturbating, or at least decrease as much as you can. Also see this video:

  7. Hello sir.. M suffering from hairloss.. M wrried abt it.. I have read ur article.. If i masturbate twice or thrice in a week.. Den also hair fall will b continue?

      1. Sir if me and my girl get intimate into makeout and during that time I may get ejaculate my semen so that also would come under the category of masturbation.. By this also my hairs could get effect..??

  8. I think it’s true. I experienced hair regrowth by no fap for minimum 50 days. But I’m single and little bit addicted to fap. Have hairloss now. Fap can be done in 3 ways. By thinking about girls or by watching porn or without sex thoughts and porn. So does the body reacts same for these 3 types of fap or not? In real sex man got stimulated by seeing woman body. Fap by watching porn is same , man got stimulated by seeing woman body. When I had a girlfriend we had sexual talks through phone and I masturbate in the end, and I masturbate only by talking with her. I didn’t have much hairloss that time. So it’s better find a girlfriend or get a call girl so u have real sex..

  9. Does testosterone gets converted to high levels of dht after ejaculation during masturbation or during sexual arousal?If its due to case 1, i can stop masturbating since i have enuf self control but what if its due to case 2? I can’t prevent me from becoming sexualy aroused..

  10. sir….i m suffering from nightfall problem….and actually ….i have a bad practice earlier…..but….i have stopped ….completely….now.from…six months…. i want to ask that…this..why eyebrow….falls….is it related to ds

  11. Due to excessive masturbation my hair started falling out for 5 to 6 months now I have reduced my masturbation 2 times a week.. Would my hair fall reduce to some extent?I have a oily scalp and my hair became thin… Does combing hair would increase​ blood flow in scalp?

    1. Hello! Combing hair doesnt really stop hair loss, but it can have some mild benefits.But reducing masturbation to twice a week can really help you decrease hair loss, even though there are oher factors such as micro blood circulation, dht and scalp conditions (also diet) that need to be taken care of, in order to treat hair loss properly. Use a good organic shampoo for your oily hair, and keep following the presentation videos of our program.

  12. Does this apply to female hairloss? Masturbation in females, then lead to high testosterone and DHT Levels?

  13. Sir I am 16 years old have been masturbating excessively for 2 years
    I don’t have hair fall . But my height has not increased for last 18 months.
    Do you think masturbation could have any affect on my growth I have only grown 1 inch in last 2 years.
    Would stopping masturbation be enough to get my growth back on tract? I also have not been taking proper nutrition for two years ( lots of junk food ) and little to no exercise . Is it just that or masturbation has anything to do with it?

    1. Hello Abhishek Gupta
      If you stop masturbating your hair condition will improve for sure, but will not necessarily stop falling off, as there are also other factors connected with the health of your hair – including diet, peripheral blood circulation, dht etc – decreasing masturbation definitely helps a lot though.

      Please see these two videos from our you tube channel about hair loss and masturbation:

  14. I have started increasing the duration between two ejaculation. I am planning to keep it 7 days. It’s hard but I am worried about my receding hairline. I’m just 21. Let’s see how it goes. Also have i increased protein in my diet like egg and almond. I’ll observe for maybe 6 months before coming to a conclusion by myself. I am tired of this bullshit medical research data. Each Google site gives a different opinion so I’ll look for it myself now.

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