Say good-bye to hair loss with Cellular Regeneration: innovative treatment stimulates inactive follicles

fight alopecia with cellular regeneration
The research on regenerating cells is still going on, BUT if your problem is hair loss in this very moment, the method to stop it, it already EXISTS! Watch the intro video to the right and join us!

The ultimate cure for baldness comes from Spain.

You keep losing hair and you’ve done everything possible to stop it?

Would you like to once and for all stop baldness and to finally get rid of this terrible nightmare?

An innovative treatment comes from the European Hair Research Society in Barcelona, Spain, which has developed a treatment that stops hair loss and promotes growth.

How exactly does it work?

Thanks to a Cellular Regeneration method, which consists in stimulating stem cells and in activating a molecule that awakens on and off the so-called dormant hair follicles (and not those atrophied).

According to specialists these hair follicles preserve inside them a gem which is still active, whose functionality may be recovered by stimulating the stem cells of the same follicle.

But what is Cellular Regeneration specifically based on?

Basically, hair follicles may be in two different stages, namely active or inactive.

The inactive follicles might just be resting and could therefore be simply waiting for the right signal to resume producing hair.

This innovative treatment is based on the fact that follicles’ latency period can be reduced, and by doing so it’s possible, as a result, having more hair (and essentially, then, stopping baldness). In particular,

Cellular Regeneration treatment, a new treatment that could lead to a real breakthrough in tackling the problem of hair loss, is therefore based on stimulating, at specific times and in alternating phases, the dormant hair follicles. However, the stimulation alone is not enough in itself, but is part of a complex medical protocol which implements many regenerative therapies.

But why do we lose hair? What does it cause it?

Well in our video course we explain in details the causes for baldness (you can get our free 4 videos course using one of the forms in this page).

According to researchers who developed this innovative cure, baldness is determined by the activity of some stem cells that are located in two different tanks; a tank near the surface of the scalp, the other placed more in depth.

In particular specialists have noticed that, in subjects suffering from hair loss, oxygen levels in the area of these stem cells are altered and this means that their activity is not enough for the creation of new hair.

So deep stimulation helps to oxygenate the cells involved and as a result to reactivate the hair follicles.

 A modern solution against baldness

While we strong recommend our natural program to stop the thinning of your hair (see the video in this page), excellent results that go far beyond surgery are also available with this cure.

A new therapy that promises results has come for those suffering from hair loss and have been seeking for years a solution to this huge problem.

Doctors stress that surgery, hence transplant, is not really the perfect cure against baldness; the new innovative Cellular Regeneration is exactly what everyone has been waiting for.

This therapy involves taking blood of cd34-positive cells along with platelets and then, along with other revitalizing substances, are applied on the patient’s scalp who is suffering from hair loss.

But what about the results of this new treatment that everyone is talking about?

The therapy is helpful and effective with regards to both the dormant follicles and to thin and damaged hair, which will be strengthened and revitalized.

Researchers have no doubt: results go well beyond the surgery, condition is stopped and hair growth is at its maximum level. It’s recommended to act immediately, before hair loss gets worse: this cure is suitable for both men and women and is effective both in the case of baldness and hair loss.

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Regenerating hair cells even in our ears??

When the hair cells in the human ear are wrecked they do not grow back, so once they’re gone, they’re really.

Anyway, a new new research  has suggested that in the cochlea it could possibly be potentially doable to induce regeneration in ruined hair cells.

It may be a reality in the future to regenerate damaged hair cells and even restore hearing.

 So, is it possible that we could regrow hair cells?

Trying to regrow damaged hair cells to restore hearing concentrate on two main areas:

  1. developing stem cell methods and treatments that can be implanted inside the ear to replace the wrecked cells, and
  2. developing treatments that will prompt the inner ear to regrow the damaged or missing cells using our body’s normal ability to regenerate.

While amphibians for example, can regrow lost cells ( probably even those connected with hair loss or hair thinning), the hair cells in the inner ear in most or probably even all mammals, don’t naturally regrow when they’re damaged, so once they’re gone, they’re gone .

In amphibians and even birds, new hair cells are produced from supporting cells.

In mammals, the supporting cells have lost their ability to proliferate, regenerate and turn into other cell types (like for example hair cells) before birth.

One recent research at Harvard University, has found that this is not always the case.

Mammalian supporting cells turn into real hair cells in the experiments done in laboratory

In 2012 a group of researchers has published an independent study showing that supporting cells could be actually grown in laboratory cultures, and that they formed structures called ‘neurospheres’, made up of cells which divide.

Some of these then turned into real hair cells.

The provenience of these new hair cells was a substance coming from the supporting cells in which a gene called Lgr5 was activated.

This gene produces a  receptor in a protein on the surface of the cells which interacts with a particular proteins on the surface of other cells which are called R-spondins.

Lgr5 is is used to spot adult stem cells in our body, and it also known to be produced by cells which can recreate in other parts in the body, such as our intestines.

Find out about the growth of new hair cells in mice

Using an antibiotic called gentamicin, which damages the hair cells, it has been developed a model of hair cell damage in the newborn mouse inner ear tissue.

High doses of this medicine killed different cells, but surprisingly, it has been observed also a low level of spontaneous regeneration of hair cell, as a response to this “kill”.

All these new hair cells were derived from the supporting cells which produce Lgr5, as described above.

Blocking other cell-to-cell signals has also showed to promote hair cell regeneration after noise damage in adult mice and has partially restored their hearing.

This is quite an amazing result, and if the same process would be applied ( or could) to the hair cells in humans, we could actually achieve the result of regrowing hair.

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But, to fully regrow hair, well that could arrive with the help of this new researches.

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