Causes of female hair loss in black women

Causes of female hair loss in black women
Causes of female hair loss in black women: read everything in this post.

In the world every day many black women suffer from serious hair loss problem and female hair loss characterized by a diffuse thinning on the upper part of the scalp, but so far very little research has been done on this problem, which is often dismissed as just a cosmetic worry while
for the ladies who go through it, it is a serious drama sometimes.

For sure we can say that chemicals that black women use to straighten their hair plays a big role in weakening their hair.

If you are using heavy straightening on your hair, we warmly recommend you to be very careful not to over use it, or abuse such a thing.

A group of researchers have recently reported that nearly one-third of a group of more than 300 black women had a specific type of hair loss, which is called central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia- a type of hair thinning that is peculiar almost exclusively to black ladies.

Moreover, the study published by these researchers found that among these women, those who were suffering from the most extensive type of hair loss were the one suffering from type 2 diabetes and general scalp infections (this last point is widely treated in the third intro video of the Full Program, that you can see subscribing at

Also, the patients suffering from severe hair loss were the ones making an extensive use of extensions, weaves and braids.

If you are a black woman suffering from hair loss, be careful with the way you treat your hair: don’t use tight braids and weaves, something that could weaken your hair, but at the same time check your physical condition with your doctor and avoid using aggressive shampoos.

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