Can Too Little Protein Cause Hair Loss?

bad diet and hair thinning
Can Too Little Protein Cause Hair Loss? Find out in this post!

Our hair normally grows about half an inch per month, even if this slows as people age with consequent hair loss.

Each hair stays on the head for three to almost six years, and during most of this period is continually growing.

But different factors can break this cycle.

The final result can be that hair falls out way too early or isn’t substituted by a new hair.

In that case, if total baldness is achieved, the best hair loss treatments in the world may not be enough, and you may have to have a transplant like Wayne Rooney did last year.

Some scientists have found out what actually causes male pattern baldness, and this is the hardening of collagen.

Those who do not suffer from hair thinning have supple collagen and people who start showing signs of alopecia and suffer from dermatitis, have collagen which has become way too hard.

This hardening interferes with the healthy functioning of the hair follicles.

The essential exchange process of the hair follicle cycle is interrupted and the hair becomes suffocated.

But what triggers alopecia?

Let’s see some of the common causes: this may help you prevent going bald.

Diet: if your diet includes too little protein, this can eventually lead to hair fall, and the same thing is valid if the food you eat does not contain enough iron.

Remember that our hair is made of a protein: cheratin, so besides eating lots of veggies, you should integrate also enough proteins, to help your hair grow healthy and strong.

The bottom line is that too strenuous dieting can result in you starting to notice a receding hairline.

Some women lose big amounts of hair within two to three months after their baby is born, and if you do a simple search on this site, you will find an article that speaks in details about this specific problem.

It is connected with the feminine hormones.

I will give you a hot tip: after washing your hair, dry it as you are used to do, then turn your head upside down and give it a firm shake.

Come back in a standing position, and massage your hair with your finger tips for 5 minutes.

This will help you reactivate the blood circulation.

Can protein shakes cause baldness?

These types of shakes are used by athletes and those trying to lose weight, and while many types are harmless, it is true that the FDA does not regulate them too tightly.

This is why we recommend to always check the labels of the protein shake you use, and make sure it does not contain too much of vitamin A: not many people know that large amounts of this vitamin can cause baldness.

Balance your essential nutrients, don’t exaggerate taking too much of a vitamin, and very little of another: and be careful to the ingredients of your favorite shake: some contain large amounts of some nutrients and too little of others.

If you’re consuming protein shakes for weight loss, make sure to consume recommended amounts of all essential nutrients.

Some protein shakes contain high amounts of some nutrients, but lack others.

According to the Institute of Medicine, you shouldn’t get more than 3,000 micrograms of vitamin A in a single day, so pay attention to not exceed this amount.

Are you using protein shakes just as a meal replacement? Your hair may be at risk!

If this is your case, you may experience some hair loss, but in this case the real cause of your thinning hair is the loss of weight and not the protein shake itself.

can baldness be caused by protein shakes?
Can baldness be caused by protein shakes?

Even the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) states that too little proteins in your system may eventually lead to weaker hair follicles and progressive thinning of your hair.

Recommended dose of proteins per day, just to maintain your hair healthy 🙂

  • 46 grams a day for women and
  • 56 grams for men
    (Data from the Institute of Medicine)

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