How to banish baldness naturally

To banish baldness naturally is something we do every day here at

how to banish baldness with this new hair los treatment
Soon it will be possible to defeat hair loss and regrow a full head of hair!

We have isolated the 2 main reasons why most of the types of hair loss occur:

  1. An insufficient micro blood circulation to the hair roots and
  2. The 2 forms of DHT (the hormone which miniaturizes the hair follicles).

We have developed a natural method to revitalize the life of the dying follicles, which have stopped producing new hair, when the old ones die, and our treatment is well explained in details in our presentation videos, available to you, subscribing using the form to the right.

The beauty of our treatment is that it is 100% compatible with all the new researches and studies which are being conducted all the time by different scientists all over the world.

For instance, PRP and PDG2 are compatible, and actually their positive effects on the life of the follicles will be even bigger with the right use of our program

Even a new pioneering method that generates new follicles and that can help banish baldness, is fully compatible with ours.

Let me talk a bit about it.

Recently, some scientists have shown that it is possible to regenerate hair roots capable of sprouting new hair.

You should know that follicles grow naturally from agglomerates of cells, scientifically denominated dermal papillae, and this plays a vital role in hair growth.

Several dermal papillae were “collected” from a few human donors, and reproduced in the laboratory.

Then they got transplanted into human skin grafted onto the backs of mice, and the results are nothing less than encouraging: after 6 weeks these transplants resulted in new hair growth.

Just to be sure, the DNA tests conducted short after confirmed that these new hair roots were human and compatible genetically with the donors

The perfect hair loss treatment

This clinical trial could mean that in the near future, it may be possible to regrow a full head of hair of this technique, and together with the Full Program, this may become the perfect hair loss treatment.

Right now, in fact hair-loss medications can only slow the loss of hair follicles or potentially stimulate the growth of existing hairs, but they are not creating new hair follicles “from scratch”.

This new method, instead, has the potential to actually generate new follicles using the patient’s cells.

As I said, “dermal papillae” are tiny cells located at the base of the follicles, and they have the ability to rise to hair follicles.

What these scientists are trying to do is cloning from scratch the follicles using inductive dermal papilla cell units.

In mice, these dermal papillae could easily be collected, transplanted into the skin, clumping together to spontaneously re-programme the recipient’s skin to grow new hair roots.

This new research is trying to encourage human cells to act in the same way.

This technique gives new hope to people all over the world who suffer from hair thinning, offering the possibility of recreating big numbers of follicles or simply rejuvenating the existing hair roots, starting from the cells grown from donor hairs.

As I said, this treatment, together with ours, which teaches people not only to fight the two biggest enemies of the life of the hair follicles, but also how to take care efficiently of bad scalp conditions, such as dermatitis, excessive dandruff, irritations and scaling, would represent a big step forward in the battle to banish baldness.

While our program is complete and already available to you, some extra work and research are needed to explore the characteristics of the newly-grown follicles, and the relation between them and host cells.

Full hair regrowth it will soon be possible, but for now remember: you can always use our program to stop the thinning of your hair, naturally and 100 side effects free.

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  1. Hi my name is Mohamed haji and I a have hair loss then I found your website I wachted the video just wanna know what treatment u have so thanks

    1. Hello Mohamed, thank you for your interest in our program! Have you seen the 4 presentation videos? At the end of the fourth video you can get our program/method to stop hair loss…

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