Treating baldness will soon be possible thanks to Astressin-B

new drug called Astressin-B  can help fight baldness
Can Astressin-B help you stop hair loss?

Laboratory tests have shown ‘astounding’ results for hair regrowth and the drug will soon be synthesized.

A peptide, which was accidentally discovered by researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles and at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, could make a change to the lives of millions of people that have been living with the problem of baldness for years.

It’s been found capable of reactivating the inactive follicles and of restoring normal hair growth.

But what exactly does it do? The chemical compound astressin-B has been used to enhance sexual desire in mice during stressful situations when it was discovered that it would powerfully restore hair follicles as well.

The discovery, which was accidentally made during laboratory tests on genetically modified mice, has shown ‘astounding’ results: in fact, this chemical compound does not only promote hair growth, but also gives a new darker pigmentation than the original.

It’s yet to be proven how beneficial it will actually be to humans, and, as a result, the chemical compound is expected to be soon synthesized.

This could finally put an end to baldness which affects millions of people.

Astressin-B was discovered while studying chronically stressed mutant mice with gut problems.

Scientists have administered the peptide, or a molecule with a weight of less than 5000 daltons, which consists of a chain of amino acids linked by a peptide bond, to mice that were genetically altered to overproduce the stress hormone corticotrophin-releasing factor – CRF, which reacts under stress conditions.

In this research, the chemical compound astressin-B, which was used to obstruct CRF, was found to cause an astounding long-term hair regrowth in chronically stressed mutant mice.

Dr. Million Mulugeta of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles has made the case that, during the project, some mice had alopecia, which is often the case with the older ones that start losing hair on the back.

The staggering fact is that, after only 5 days of therapy, this compound resumed hair growth which resulted in thicker hair and also a darker pigmentation than the original.

These results remained unchanged for the following four months, which is quite a long time since the average life span of these genetically modified mice is only 2 years.

Other research and studies have confirmed the peptide’s efficacy to awaken the dormant hair follicles and to promote hair growth.

Hair growth cycle would seem to resume working and it would not only stop hair loss, but hair growth would also resume in an ‘astounding’ way.

In case this treatment will be equally as effective for humans, we will finally be able to completely reverse total baldness and hair loss caused by stress or chemotherapy, as well as the possibility of replacing grey hair with a darker, and therefore more “youthful” color.

Currently the drug is not yet available as it is still in the testing phase; we’ll need to wait that research is successfully finished.

But, in the meanwhile, what could be used then as an alternative? At this time the only hair loss drug available on the market is Minoxidil, which stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth for several months in some patients.

The new drug could finally put an end to the nightmare of millions of people that consult hair specialists every day in the helpless hope to find a cure to baldness, which has been studied for years and years both in the medical, and in the cosmetic and in the pharmaceutical fields.

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