Andropause and Hair Loss

stop hair fall caused by androgen hormones
Andropause and Hair Loss: how to stop hair loss caused by androgens

Andropause and hair loss can often happen at the same time, and it’s not nice to see clumps of hair falling off, or observing strands collecting in the shower drain every morning: it’s time to stop hair fall with a program like

Hair thinning can feel daunting and really scary.

As I say in my videos hair loss is a result of an imbalance of male hormones in the body, and a decrease of blood flow to the scalp.

An enzyme breaks testosterone down to another form called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and I have also said that an excess of this hormone decreases the size of the follicles which eventually stop producing new hair.

The medical condition that is most often associated with hair loss in men that have Andropause sufferers is hyperthyroidism.

DHT (which is more potent than testosterone) is responsible for building and growing body hair in men, and for sexual characteristics.

This hormone is produced in the skin, some supporting enzymes make it to work and break it down for distribution through our body.

When it is in excess in our scalp, hair loss is triggered.

Women also have DHT in their bodies, but much less than men and that tells us why women don’t have much body hair.

Dihydrotestosterone is found more in certain zones of the body than in others parts, and that may be the reason, why men’s hair can fall into strange patterns.

Hair follicles shrink as a result of the secretion of DHT and less blood flow.

Our hair grows at a rate of a quarter inch every 15 days, while unfortunately for them, those who suffer from andropause have their ¨hair growth cycles¨ interrupted.

This happens because andropause is a period of hormonal imbalance, followed by a lack of hormonal stability and really poor homeostasis.

Stop female hair loss and male pattern baldness

If you want to maintain healthy strands of hair, study and use the End hair Full program to stop female hair loss and male pattern baldness.

For sure I can tell you that exercise reverses the aging process and can help in the process of preventing MPB.

There are also hair loss products that can use, besides the Full Porgram, such as Regaine.

Another cause of hair thinning in men who suffer from Andropause is stress, because this raises the levels of cortisone and cortisol ( called the stress hormones) and this imbalance is very bad for your hair.

A bad diet also increases hair fall.

I recommend to stay away from too much caffeine, fast foods, and excessive cigarette smoking.

To decrease stress and sparkle your life do recreational activities with a proper training regimen.

Well, remember that the information in this post is for educational purposes only, and is absolutely not intended as medical advice.