Amla: the fruit that can help you stop hair loss

Amla: the fruit that can help you stop hair loss
Amla: the fruit that can help you stop hair loss: read in this post how this is possible and why.

Amla, also called indian gooseberry can be a fantastic ingredient to make your hair healthier and shining: either by drinking amla juice or making a paste with it, and massaging it on your scalp, can help make your locks long and healthy.

It can become a good hair conditioner, but it also has valuable anti-dandruff properties.

This is how to use it: mix a bit of amla powder in water and massage the scalp with it, leaving it for thirty minutes, before rinsing it off.

It can also be used together with basil to get rid of dandruff: mix some amla powder in water, then grind 10 basil leaves with some water and then mix the past you got in this way with the amla paste, and apply the mix on your scalp, leaving it on for 30 minutes, before washing it off.

The paste you can get from this plant can be used also to cover grey hair, even though it doesn’t have in itself the ability to dye hair.

The fruit of amla is rich in vitamin C, and eating it add lustre and softness to your hair, preventing dryness.

It is also rich in essential fatty acids, and this is a great help for the hair follicles as it makes them strong nourishing the hair from the roots.

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Mix some amla paste in water, and keep it like that all through the night.

The next day apply the paste to your scalp, leaving it on for 2 hours before rinsing.

Another way to use it is to boil it with some shikakai and soapnut, leave it rest for the night and the next day use the liquid to shampoo.

This fruit can help you decrease your hair loss, either by eating it or applying it on your hair and scalp.

Extract the juice from it, and mix an equal quantity of freshly squeezed lime, mix thoroughly and apply to the scalp, leaving it until t dryes off and then finally rinsing with warm water.

This fruit contains also vitamin A, which is important in collagen production, and this is needed to keep the skin of your body and of your scalp elastic.

Amla is a good element to help you decrease hair loss, but if this is not enough as a good hair loss treatment, we recommend you to use the Full Program: in this way you will ensure to eliminate the 3 major enemies of the health of your hair, and it will be much more likely that you will be able to stop alopecia efficiently.

Article by Giampaolo Floris