A new hair loss treatment helps the hair growth cycle

A new hair loss treatment helps the hair growth cycle
A new hair loss treatment helps the hair growth cycle: read more in this post.

Our hair is made of Keratin, a special protein, which also forms the outer layers of the skin, which protect it from foreign elements.

Also, our hair possesses an outer layer which protects the internal sections of the hair.

There are three major phases in the life of a hair: anagen, catagen and telogen.

  • In the Anagen phase the hair grows about ½ inch per month. We can see that the growth cells in the papilla divide and form the hair structure, which is keratinized. At the same time the follicle develops into the deeper levels of the skin to get nourishment.
  • In the catagen phase, which lasts only about a month, we can see that there is a hair’s renewal process in which the hair stops growing because the follicle gets a bit degraded.
    The hair though doesn’t fall out: what happens is that the follicle shrinks, and as a result the papilla breaks away and the hair bulb gets separated from the blood supply.
  • In the telogen phase, which lasts on average 3 months, the hair growth remains dormant, but the hair stays attached to the follicle. One this stage is over, the hair cycle of life can be considered over, and the hair goes back into the anagen phase, with the process starting all over again.

As hair goes back to its original phase, we can observe that the shaft starts to form and the old hair gets pushed out.

On average, we lose about 100 hairs a day, and this is part of the hair’s natural growth process.

This loss should not worry you, because if your follicles are healthy, new hairs will soon replace the lost ones.

The problem arises when the hair follicle goes into a state of crisis, and cannot produce any more new hair, when the old one falls out.

That is the moment in which you start to see your hair thinning more and more, until the hair follicle is helped out of that condition.

A very powerful hair loss treatment that can help your hair follicles recover is our natural program to stop hair loss, with which you can reactivate the blood circulation naturally, and deactivate the aggressive androgenetic hormone DHT, which attacks the hair follicles.

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Our new hair loss treatment can help the hair growth cycle, and the hair follicles keep producing new hair when the old ones get pushed out.