A good hair loss center in Sydney city

Ashley & Martin, hair loss center in Australia
Ashley & Martin is a good hair loss center in Australia.

One of the best hair loss centers in Australia is Ashley & Martin, created in 1964.

This center can be found in different locations in Australia, and was created with the idea of helping autralians prevent hair loss with the most up-to-date technology.

Ashley & Martin is still today a leader in the field of the treatment of hair loss.

Every of the different centers employs very qualified doctors who are very well trained in the basics of hair loss, what are its causes, and how to prevent it efficiently.

An expert in this field, Dr. Mario Terri, is the one that trains all the doctors in the clinic, and he is one of the leading doctors in hair loss today.

The clinic has also a team of specialist pharmacists who create unique pharmaceuticals compounds for the individual needs of the different patients.

No other company of this kind has such a thing in Australia.

This center has quite a good rate in being able to slow down hair loss in countless patients, and their number is constantly increasing because of this success, making of this center the largest of this kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Because of its success, this center is present also in New Zealand, and future offices are being planned in Wollongong, Darwin and Geelong.

You can get a free consultation in any of the centers of Ashley & Martin, and the professional staff will be very pleased to welcome you and analyze with you the problem of your shedding hair, and its possible solutions.

Here I give the address of their center in Sydney city:

21/44 Market Street
Sydney 2000, NSW
Phone: 02 9262 6622

Their treatments are fully compatible with the Endhairloss.eu natural program to stop baldness.