A disease called alopecia, and how to get rid of it

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Over the past ages, alopecia has been considered a disease that could not be cured in any possible way, and to be honest, even today if you look at the number of bald people in the street, it doesn’t seem like that medicine has done big progresses.

Lately, it has also been created as a fashion, just to go around with bald head.

Still, large numbers of people feel that a full head of hair is way more attractive than a bald one.

The term “alopecia” is just the way doctors and scientists refer to as hair loss, and any for of baldness can be also called in this way.

It comes from Greek “alopecia” = “fox” and it meant, back in the day, a specific type of mange from which foxes suffered: a form of skin disease caused by parasites and characterized by itching, hair loss, skin strong irritations.

Every 30 days, hair grows by 1 inch, in average, unless you suffer from alopecia.

Usually, around 85% of the hair is always in the growing phase while 15% is not.

A hair lives normally for the maximum amount of time of 5 years, and considering the large number of people going bald each year, it is difficult to grasp the causes of hair loss, which might be more apparent in a few of us.

Yet stopping it can be simple, if you know the tricks of how to reactivate the blood circulation to the scalp.

Let’s learn more about the hair structure: the follicle is a “hole” in the skin where the hair sits and from which it grows.

When male pattern baldness kicks in this follicle shrinks over time, thereby causing much horter and thinner hair.

The final result is an extremely tiny follicle with no hair in it.

Sometimes the hair grows back, but for people who have bad blood circulation and too much DHT, the follicle is unable to grow a new hair when the old one falls out.

Some people are even disgusted when they see a bald head, and fear to go bald themselves.

The scientific name for this fear is peladophobia.

Anyway, some women feel very strongly against bald men, and say that dating a bald guy is almost impossible.

However, many other women do not mind going out with a man with a purposely shaved head.

If you want to cure this disease, well what you go to do is learn the tricks of reactivate the blood flow to the scalp and eliminate DHT naturally, only from your scalp (not everywhere in your body).

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