What’s the connection between DNA and hair loss?

Would you like to find out what’s the connection between DNA and hair loss? Well read on…

There are researchers that have identified that there is a large number of people who seem to love their hard even when they try their hardest to be able to keep all of it.

What's the connection between DNA and hair loss? find out in this post
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It really depends on the kind of genetic makeup of each person and the DNA is actually going to play a major role in this situation. In this article we are going to mention some of the reason why you need to learn to differentiate baldness caused by an illness and baldness caused by DNA inheritance.

Hair loss depends mainly on our DNA according to recent studies done by scientists and there is nothing more important than understanding the reason why this happens. These studies will make it very easy for new treatment to be created and this is going to be extremely beneficial for all men and women who suffer from baldness.

There are actually thousands of hair loss treatments available for all kinds of diseases that are linked to balding issues. These range from food supplements, to drug therapy and products f hygiene like shampoo and soaps. This has create a large industry that has become extremely powerful and millions of people are always using this in order to make sure their hair is restored and they stop losing it.

There are no specific treatment for all the diseases that are linked to baldness. The best method to work your way through the problem is to get an early diagnosis and this way you might have a better chance to recover but if the problem is related to DNA it will most likely be very hard for you to be able to keep all of your hair. There is still much that we don’t understand about the reason why hair is loss, but we do know that inheritance is a major factor and the mother carries the disease.

There is a particular study that has determined that there is a very specific hereditary problem that can cause a lot of hair loss and it has been labeled as hypotrichosis simplex. This condition has many of the characteristics of the common baldness issues but there are some substantial differences to consider.

The hypotrichosis simplex actually causes the hair loss to occur when people are much younger than they would be for hair loss to start happening. There is related to the Apcdd1 gene that is located on chromosome 18. The problem is that this gene will mutate and it blocks the signal that sends the order to the brain to produce hair growth on the scalp. It occurs due to abnormalities of ectodermal origin and it will be transmitted by the autosomal dominant trait.

This thinning can start as early as ages 5 to 7 and it can reach full development of thinning at 25 to 27 years of age on average. This can cause for some people to confuse this with androgenic alopecia but they are both completely different diseases. There is much yet that needs to be determined in order to make it possible for all diseases related to baldness to be cue, but the more studies are done, the closer we will be to being able to find a good solution.

This is something that requires a lot of feedback to be shared by those who suffer from this conditions in order to further research the kind of results we all hope to get in order to combat hair loss and thinning. Just remember that thinning hair caused by DNA is the hardest to fight.