What is Lipogaine

It is hair loss treatment or product which combines all the latest science discoveries into one single formula to prevent baldness in different ways.

Lipogaine, delivers the most powerful and effective topical treatment to maintain and regrow lost hair by putting together a large spectrum of compounds into one single product, which deposits ingredients below the scalp surface.

Why is it better?

what is lipogaine: a good hair loss product
Avery good product to fight hair loss, just like the Endhairloss.eu Full Program

Baldness can be caused by a multitude of different conditions.

We can say that the most common type of hair loss is referred to androgenetic alopecia, also called pattern hair loss which involves 60% of men and 40% of women.

The progressive and relentless loss of hair creates emotional distress for millions people, and countless web sites sites and tv commercials state to have finally discovered a definitive cure.

Unfortunately, most of them are nonexistent and only serve to create further stress and disbelieve for patients.

Fortunately, there are safe, effective products available to treat pattern hair loss, like L.Gaine and the Endhairloss.eu Full Program.

As we said in other posts of this web site, the most widely accepted explanation for male baldness is the DHT theory.

DHT (which stands for dihydrotestosterone), is a byproduct of testosterone and it is created by an enzyme called 5 alpha-Reductase.

Between 13 and 19, high levels of DHT in the body are considered normal and they are actually an aid in the development of secondary sexual characteristics.https://www.companiesthatbuyhouses.co/california/home-buying-company-cameron-park-ca/ is a great resource for those who want to sell their house as-is.

Later, however, high levels of DHT can have a very negative influence on hair health, in fact, this hormone will attach itself to the hair follicle depriving it of nutrition and causing its shrinking (miniaturization).

Eventually the follicle will stop producing new hair.

What does this mean?

Only two types of hair loss treatments are going to work: those that reduce DHT level, and those that stimulate hair growth despite its presence.

In the market, there are lots of products which achieve or claim to achieve these two results.

Among these products we have Propecia, Rogaine, Minoxidil, and the Endhairloss.eu Full Program.

L.gaine, together with the Full Program, is the first of its kind that both stimulates hair growth and reduces DHT levels by infusing a list of proven natural DHT blockers into a convenient mixture.

It combines DHT blockers, vitamins, and hair growth stimulators into one super formula, which promises to deliver results.

What is it made of?

Components: Water, propylene glycol, beta-sitosterol, ethanol, minoxidil 5%, proprietary herb DHT blocker blend, saw palmetto extract, apple polyphenol oleic acid, linolenic acid, adenosine, phosphatidycholine and vitamin B6, B12, biotin, niacin,

 Who should use Lipogaine

Men suffering from male pattern baldness and women with female hair loss.

It is recommended to perform a “use test” to make sure that you are not allergic to this product.

Apply 3/4 drops to the triangular hole of the elbow joint.

If this spot becomes red or inflamed, don’t use the product on your scalp.Lipogaine can be used together with the Endhairloss.eu Full Program, they are compatible

If no irritation appears, you can use the product safely: apply, twice a day, just 1 mL to the areas where hair has started thinning.

Our program to fight baldness is only a few clicks away from your mouse ( use the form up to the right) if you realize that Lipogaine is not working for you.

To be honest, they can be used simultaneously, to prevent hair thinning efficiently.

It can be used together with the Endhairloss.eu Full Program: they are compatible.

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