What are the available treatments for hair loss?

What are the available treatments for hair loss?
What are the available treatments for hair loss? Find out in this post!

Let’s admit it: there have been several remedies promising to give you back your lost hair and stop hair loss since the ancient times, but very few of these treatments have shown really consistent results over time.

Many people, once gone bald, use surgical treatments, turn to wigs and hair pieces
(Including famous actors), get special tattoos to simulate shaved heads, and there are a number of possible alternative solutions, but the real difficult part comes when one still has his/her hair and it is desperately trying to stop the process.

In this post we will mention some of the hair loss treatments that have actually given some results in stopping or slowing down, to certain degrees, the balding process.

One of the most diffuse hair loss treatments:

  • PropeciaThis drug has been originally used to treat prostate problems, but today is largely used to try to stop hair loss. The way it works is by preventing the formation of a specific androgenetic ormone that attacks the hair follicles in the skin (called DHT). In order to use this drug, you must have a prescription. Even though it does slow own hair loss, there are a number of complications/side effects that come with its use, such as impotence and loss of sexual appetite. Make sure to talk to your doctor, before deciding to assume it. Also, if you are a woman, you cannot take it because this drug can cause birth defects.

    One of the most popular hair loss products:

    It has to be used indefinitely, or hair will start thinning again.

  • RogaineThis is a topical treatment which contains minoxidil, and it has given some results in slowing down hair loss and even giving some regrowth.
    In order to get the biggest results, it should be used by young people who have just started to lose hair, or are showing signs of thinning hair.
    This preparation must be applied twice a day, and in order to maintain the results achieved, should be continued indefinitely, otherwise the hair will start falling out again.
    The side effects of this drug appear to be much smaller then propecia, but it can often cause skin irritation. The good news is that it can be used both by men and women.
  • Skin lifts and graftsWith this technique a “portion” of hair with some skin is made by creating surgical cuts close to the balding area. This portion of haired skin is then “placed” upon the balding area to cover it, and hide the bald spot.
  • Scalp reduction.This is a type of surgery which involves tightening of the scalp, so that the haired skin from the sides and the occipital part of the head (the back) is pulled towards the center, or the crown. In this way the balding areas will be sensibly reduced.

    The best, all natural, solution to stop hair loss without harmful side effects:

  • The Endhairloss.eu Full Program to stop hair loss naturally

This program has been created by the Italian hair loss researcher Giampaolo Floris, who stopped his hair loss in his early twenties with a natural method which involves the natural dilation of the blood vessels which are supposed to convey the blood into the hair follicles.

The program at the moment exists in Italian and in English. The last of the English version will be released on the 11 march 2014, after years of perfecting, and after having successfully used the Italian version.

Visiting this link you can see the presentation videos in Italian – if you can understand any J

Anyway, please notice how many positive comments there are on the blogs and there are even several testimonials in the Facebook comments, testimonials which assert the value of this program.

There are 4 presentation videos that you can watch in English, visiting this link: