What are the side effects of Saw Palmetto?

collateral damages of using saw palmetto
Learn about the side effects of Saw Palmetto here.

In this post I will talk about the side effects of saw palmetto, also called Serenoa repens, or Sabal serrulata, which is its scientific name.

This herb is largely used to treat symptoms connected with an illness called enlargement of the prostate, and according to my studies, its he most popular herbal solution for this problem.

In the last years more and more practitioners have begun using saw palmetto to treat male pattern baldness because it appears to have 5-α-reductase inhibitory activity check out https://www.bulentaltunoluk.com.tr/mesane-kanseri-mesane-tumoru-nedir/.

This means that it looks like it can prevent testosterone from being converted into DHT, which is the hormone that attacks and shrinks the hair follicles.

So, according to some researcher, the effects may be similar to the medication finasteride or propecia.

I, Giampaolo Floris, the creator of the natural hair loss treatment called “The Endhairloss.eu Full Program”, can tell you just from personal experience, that saw palmetto is not very effective in preventing hair loss.

DHT is 3 times more powerful than Testosterone, and the inhibitory activity of the 5-α-reductase enzyme of saw palmetto is actually very weak.

This has been my observation during the last years, since I have released the Full Program in 2009.

Finasteride, or Propecia do inhibit the formation of DHT, but there are severe side effects and as long as you stop using it, your hair will begin falling out again.

But guess what, do you know what are the side effects of saw palmetto?

Yes, not only this herb doesn’t really work against baldness, but it also has several side effects, and some of it may not even be reported.

This is pretty much the most complete list of its side effects, but be aware that there may be also some hidden ones, and if you experience some of the worst that I am about to mention, stop using it and call your doctor.

Complete list of saw palmetto side effects

  • Changes in your heart rate beat: too fast or too slow;
  • You can feel very weak and even faint;
  • You may experience pain and soreness in your chest;
  • You can bleed or bruise quite easily;
  • You may experience pain in your testicles, and they may even swell a bit;
  • You may have darkish tarry stools, even bloody at times. Also darker urine.
  • You may cough a lot, and vomit more often. Sometimes your eyes and skin may even turn a bit yellowish;
  • You may experience muscle pain, dizziness, headache bad breath and even sleep problems;
  • Some people have nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, may feel depressed and even experience a decline in sexual drive;Are you still thinking of taking saw palmetto? Guess not…

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I have personally used Saw Palmetto a few weeks ago, to treat a prostata problem, but
honestly it messed up my stomach so much that I had to stop using it.

I bought these capsules in an herbal shop, in Denmark.

I don’t know how people can use a product like this, when it has such strong side effects.

Really I can not recommend it to anybody.

Here is the photo of the product:

saw palmetto