New hair regrowth with stem cells

New hair regrowth with stem cells
New hair regrowth with stem cells: read about the latest developments in this post

With the use of the Full Program is perfectly possible to stop hair loss, but the total regrowth is still quite a difficult target to achieve.

A big help could come from the research in stem-cell.
Some scientists have already been able to re-grow brain cells in laboratory, using samples from human tissue, and at this very moment they are trying to find a way to grow new hair on bald heads.

Unfortunately, right now nobody has been able to produce enough of these hair in laboratory, and the only hair that has regrown in on mice.

What they are working on at the moment if the conversion of human skin cells into pluripotent stem cells, adding three genes.

These stem cells have the ability to change into any cell types, so the researchers hope to achieve the result of regrowth with this system.

After having mixed these cells with dermal cells from mice, the team of researchers applied them onto the skin of mice, being able to produce a functional human epidermis.

Stem cells may help you stop baldness

The hair follicles produced with this method were very similar to the real hair follicles.

Unfortunately, these cells are not ready to be used in human beings, but the research goes on.

The scientists are working on being able to make new dermal papillae cells, as they haven’t been able to achieve yet that result.

We will keep you informed on the new techniques and developments.

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